By hmmmm - 13/08/2012 12:19 - Australia

Today, the condom slipped off, because my boyfriend refuses to admit that he needs to use smaller condoms. FML
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My only advice is next time you do the condom shopping lol. Just don't let him see the box so he'll feel like a big boy when it actually fits.


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Can someone say comma splice?

Comma splice?

Can someone say something more entertaining than this crap??

Something more entertaining than this crap?

When I learned about comma splice, we learned that it was just when commas are incorrectly placed.

FML is so educational. I learn so much about life and detailed rules of grammar.

10 just got pwned like a Baustigt.

Find someone who can fill the condom for real.

This is more like a comma slice.

Can someone say I am sofa king wee Tod Ed?

I am so funcking retarded. how did I do?

131- You are sofa king wee Tod Ed.

No, it's not.... Where's there a comma in your sentence?

What a smart ass 141.

only FML's is a place where we can all share a laugh and learn how to correctly use commas btw love how everyone is googling comma splices

1, it is supposed to be, "Pencil dick."

Haha! Love it

If we only had more people like you, we would have much more pleasurable reading. Sadly, you're a minority:(

Love how it goes from a guy who can't fill in a condom to appropriate grammar. Off topic much? Lol

My only advice is next time you do the condom shopping lol. Just don't let him see the box so he'll feel like a big boy when it actually fits.

Buy your self and keep the original box. He still think he is stacked and you won't get a disease.

Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't he need to have an std for it to be transmitted in the first place?

Next time, just laugh at him and I promise he'll find one that fits.

Or, instead of her buying condoms for him, she could just buy female condoms. That would completely solve the problem.

39 - Everyone knows that pregnancy is the worst STD/STI out there…

Yeah I agree with #2. Buy a smaller size and swap them for the bigger. Because they are in the box for the larger size, he wont know, and then no more slipping :) good luck OP. Xoxo Kathryn

Why is this voted down? It is a perfectly reasonable solution.

Because people refuse to accept that women can use condoms themselves. To them, it has to be a male condom.

Or perhaps because she shouldn't have to handle all the birth control just because her boyfriend is too immature to buy the proper size.

Don't ever let a broad buy your condoms! Dummest idea ever

Its hard to make finger cots seem like a normal size

Its hard to make finger cots seem like a normal size

Since when is a pregnancy considered an infection or disease???

or refuse to have sex until he admits it and buys smaller ones :)

At least you aren't pregnant??... Well it doesn't say but I'd hope not

Yeah I was wondering myself if it slipped off during sex or if it happened when he... :P

Considering she probably posted sometime after sex, you have to wait atleast 2 weeks to know if you're pregnant or not. But let's hope OP isn't!

I would put more fate on the morning after pill than on hope.

As long as he did not cum!

wrong 91, you don't have to cum to get someone pregnant. Don't they teach sex ed in school anymore or is it abstinence only anymore?

Sec Ed in school... Interwebz. According to my school semen is blood red. School: 0 Interweb: 1

107 your school is clearly retarded

They only teach abstinence

114- I know, it was like 7 years ago.

#97 my school didn't have sex ed, so i am amazed and wondering that could a girl be pregnant without guy shooting his sperm in? :/

Capper, when a man gets aroused, he excretes semen (a mixture of sperm and proglastins) that serves as sort of a lubricant for sexual contact. When he penetrates a woman's vagina, this "pre-cum", as some call it, enters the woman's uterus through her cervix, thus the potential for conception.

97- I learned that in school, but the whole abstinence only stuff they teach now is ridiculously unrealistic especially with all the sluts in my school

#153 thank u a lots for this info. Damn never knew this deep lol

153- isn't it only possible to get a girl pregnant with pre-cum, if the man had ejaculated before that and hadn't gone to the restroom, leaving leftover baby making juice in his pre-cum? Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is only what I've heard.

171-Peeing doesn''t get rid of all of it, you need to wait a few days (5-7?) before the sperm dies and it's safe to be certain precum may not have sperm... But you should still use a condom.

Well it's not really an easy thing for a guy to admit to himself. It could be a major blow to the ego. But I still don't think you should have to put up with the fear of it slipping off either. Either have a talk with him about how he needs smaller ones, or just buy them on your own and bring yours out instead when you go to have sex.

Completely agree. Mans ego is a very fragile thing.

I agree completely. Tell him you need it to fit or you don't feel comfortable having sex with him.

Hard to admit? Hey world, I ain't the biggest!

It sounds like it would be a minor blow.

What is the point of even using a condom then? If its to big you can still get pregnant and or diseases depending on if he has anything. Tight fit or no go. Maybe get on the pill

Your comment was structured a little awkwardly; giving me the impression you are suggesting that the pill prevents diseases. I not sure you intended that but just to clear it up - it doesn't.

But birth control will only protect her from getting pregnant, not from any STD's or STI's he may have.

I am aware of that. It was just my wording. Depending on the length of the relationship she may just not want a baby.

But she would want AIDS?

Yes 73, anyone who has unprotected sex gets AIDS. Thats why both of your parents are disgusting disease laden creatures.

73- word to the wise, if you're gonna post idiotic comments, don't have a ya don't say profile pic. So much irony.....

Just tell him that you enjoy working with what he's got. Stroke his ego a bit, it'll work. Any dude that concerned with his size like that is bound to succumb to ego strokin. Good luck staying not getting pregnant.

I smiled when I read "stroking" :)

Stroke his "ego," if you know what I mean.

You're not going to find too many men willing to admit that they have a small penis and need a smaller size so why don't you buy the condoms in the future and slip it on him while doing a strip tease he will never know the difference

Gun to my head, I'd admit it...

By that logic every single guy with a tiny dick who has sex and isn't sterile should have a whole lot of kids...

Sounds like a sticky situation. You better shoot over to the local drug store and load up on smaller condoms, otherwise there could be a bump in your future.

Buy smaller ones and put them in the bigger box? Or just tell him no sex until he admits the condoms are too big

Just snip the fingers off latex gloves - four for the price of one! Seriously: not much point in using them if they are going to fall off. If the two of you are serious you could always get tested together and then move onto a different form of birth control. Otherwise you'll have to start bringing your own and insisting he wear them.