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By  SwagPuppet  |  3

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  darkkisses  |  6

Yeah I agree with #2. Buy a smaller size and swap them for the bigger. Because they are in the box for the larger size, he wont know, and then no more slipping :) good luck OP.

Xoxo Kathryn

  itsme1321  |  3

Capper, when a man gets aroused, he excretes semen (a mixture of sperm and proglastins) that serves as sort of a lubricant for sexual contact. When he penetrates a woman's vagina, this "pre-cum", as some call it, enters the woman's uterus through her cervix, thus the potential for conception.

  kayceecakess  |  7

153- isn't it only possible to get a girl pregnant with pre-cum, if the man had ejaculated before that and hadn't gone to the restroom, leaving leftover baby making juice in his pre-cum? Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is only what I've heard.

  psc159  |  2

171-Peeing doesn''t get rid of all of it, you need to wait a few days (5-7?) before the sperm dies and it's safe to be certain precum may not have sperm... But you should still use a condom.

By  IOmnomHard  |  10

Well it's not really an easy thing for a guy to admit to himself. It could be a major blow to the ego. But I still don't think you should have to put up with the fear of it slipping off either. Either have a talk with him about how he needs smaller ones, or just buy them on your own and bring yours out instead when you go to have sex.

By  smb12346  |  17

What is the point of even using a condom then? If its to big you can still get pregnant and or diseases depending on if he has anything. Tight fit or no go. Maybe get on the pill

  rahrah765765  |  11

Your comment was structured a little awkwardly; giving me the impression you are suggesting that the pill prevents diseases. I not sure you intended that but just to clear it up - it doesn't.

By  mrnuleef  |  7

Just tell him that you enjoy working with what he's got. Stroke his ego a bit, it'll work. Any dude that concerned with his size like that is bound to succumb to ego strokin. Good luck staying not getting pregnant.

By  freshberries22  |  17

You're not going to find too many men willing to admit that they have a small penis and need a smaller size so why don't you buy the condoms in the future and slip it on him while doing a strip tease he will never know the difference

By  reject214  |  10

Sounds like a sticky situation. You better shoot over to the local drug store and load up on smaller condoms, otherwise there could be a bump in your future.

By  Ugi  |  26

Just snip the fingers off latex gloves - four for the price of one!

Seriously: not much point in using them if they are going to fall off. If the two of you are serious you could always get tested together and then move onto a different form of birth control. Otherwise you'll have to start bringing your own and insisting he wear them.