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Today, the city shut off our water, because they said we didn't pay the bill. Turns out, it was sitting on their desk the whole time. I guess sending someone out to turn off our water was easier than checking to see if we'd actually paid the bill. FML
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Lazy government!

Anything but do their job right, right? That's how billing people work.


Lazy government!

Why? It's an easily rectified problem, and not sue-worthy. My water gets turned off without notice when maintenance is done by the city. Sometimes it's out for a couple of days, and there isn't anything to do but complain. Suing for stupid things like this breaks what /should/ be a system to protect citizens.

If you have the ability to pay your bill online, over the phone, or through a mobile app, do this from now on...

Depending on where you live, that may not be possible. I live in a rural area, and I'm lucky the village hall has a computer to send notices. everything else is hand written.

That is why he said if..

I have the tool to turn it back on so it doesn't matter if I'm late

Anything but do their job right, right? That's how billing people work.

Actually billing has nothing to do with receiving the money and applying it to the account. That's a different position.

#13, I'm in billing, and thats part of what I do.

You must work for a small company then. Typically cash receipts is separated from invoicing/billing as a check and balance. Either way the person in charge screwed up.

Don't know what organisation you work for but usually they never split them they all go through the same person. Also it's inefficient and causes cock ups like this

Your name is spot on, haha. That's happened to my grandparents with bills for their businesses once or twice, it's ridiculous. It's like the people responsible don't pay attention half the time.

I wonder water the things going on in their head...?

Wow that's very unprofessional

I wouldn't put it past them to charge you a "service fee" to turn it back on.

This is why our government is lazy

I've always wondered how idiots get the jobs in these places

What an annoying thing to happen. People need to learn how to do they job correctly, especially when it affects customers' lives