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Today, the boy who sits next to me in class accidentally dropped his sketch pad. It turns out he's really talented at drawing portraits. They're so good that I could recognize myself in all of them. FML
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Boy's got a crush on you. He's shy. Ask him out.

Hm that sounds a little sketchy.


Boy's got a crush on you. He's shy. Ask him out.

Alan, I don't really think it's creepy. I think it's a sweet gesture and that he himself hasnt been able to convey his feelings. I refuse to think anything negative about him unless OP actually says he's creepy etc. Even then we cant really come to conclusions because we dont know him personally. Everyone expresses their feelings differently.

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Not neccessarily the case. I've done a lot of portraits during class because I was bored and wanted to improve my skills, and drawing the people next to me was more out of convenience than attraction. I've even tried drawing people I absolutely loathed simply because their faces were interesting. Unless the boy was using loose paper that fluttered to the ground, I find it hard to believe that OP could actually see the contents of the entire notepad (which would indeed indicate obsession), probably more like one or two pages. He could've just been practising.

hokie16 13

The drawings are a little creepy, yeah, but that doesn't mean he isn't a sweet guy. Besides the drawings, it probably wasn't the guy's reputation as being weird or mean or just off that freaked her out so much as the fact that she doesn't even know him.

He probably likes you. Talk to him OP (:

He must get inspired by u.. Total compliment.

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Hm that sounds a little sketchy.

I'd say it even sounds inkredibly sketchy. Thank you for drawing that to my attention.

Maybe you have a chance with him.

Did he draw you like one of his French girls, yet?

Is it that same kid from "Wedding Crashers"?

He might not have dropped it by accident, in fact.

Some people aren't good at expressing their feelings and not everyone in high school has found the courage on the dating field yet. He has a crush and is making drawings, it's cute. You are safe from being followed by a creeper as long as the drawings weren't complimented with your own hair and nails.