By shayes9 - United States
Today, the boss returned from vacation. While he was gone we thought it would be a great idea to fill the water cooler with margaritas. Even after rinsing it we still have lime flavored water. Needless to say we got a company memo about appropriate office behavior. FML
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#39- YOU would make a shit boss. People at my office sometimes have a drink at their desk and the whole art department goes off to a bar every Thursday afternoon, but tampering with company property like that isn't cool. What if there are people who want water? What if there are teenagers working as temps? Bring My Daughter to Work day?

It's incredibly irresponsible.

  piddly_03  |  0

how is expecting people to not be drunk while working or filling the watercooler with margaritas being a 'tightass'? is it really that hard to get through the day without a drink for you?


it probably wouldnt have that much alcohol content after rinsing.

not really FML material seeing as you only got a memo but man that's quite funny :] wish i had folks like you at work!

  Person_Man  |  0

wow #39 obviously knows shit all about how the real world works. but of course he's just angry that he'll never reach a management position bc of his drinking problem and general stupidity/irresponsibility

  rockstarK9  |  0

Because teenagers are complete perfect angles that wait until their 21 before drinking. . .

Nobody got hurt, fired, in trouble, this is hardly a FML.

Wish I worked there though, that sounds awesome.

PS. You'd have to be a complete fucking idiot to drink from a giant cooler of green water and go "hey, this isn't water!".