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that sucks.. looks like your babysitter needs a babysitter!

Time to find a new babysitter :/


Time to find a new babysitter :/

Time to find a new vacuum.

Guys, before you scroll down to read the rest of the comments, prepare yourself for some terrible puns.

No way, just get out the video camera and prepare to make some money at afv

Unclog her purse with no next paycheck.

^ creative comments have just lost their way to this website. Smh.

There's a button for that.

awesome pun #2!!!

you could just google it #36 by the time someone responded you could have found the answer 40 times over. "Shaking my head"

Shaking my head @36

I thought it was "so much hope"

i thought it was "saw me humping"

I thought it was "smell my hair".

Yikes, what a crappy babysitter.

Yikes, what a crappy pun.

Wow. No one seems to have any common sense anymore! Looks like it's time to find a new babysitter!

that sucks.. looks like your babysitter needs a babysitter!

One artistic piece! Where'd you find her?

some people shouldn't be babysitters.

You did make her clean it right?

That's a crappy situation. Sucks for whoever has to clean it up!

Ugh, that pun made me *cringe* XD

I would hope the OP made the baby sitter clean it up.. With supervision of course to make sure she doesn't mess things up any more. I also hope the OP made her pay for a new vacuum since it would seem she ruined that one.

where'd you find that one op?!!