By acnebutt - 27/08/2011 22:30 - United States

Today, thanks to my peripheral vision and a dropped mirror, I realized that I have horrible acne on my ass. FML
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Well if you ever washed your ass you probably would have felt it.

Um... Ew? How didn't you realize it before?


Well if you ever washed your ass you probably would have felt it.

LiveLaughFML 10

as long as you're not sexually active, you don't have to worry about anyone seeing that stuff. i recommend proactive, neutrogena, ect..ect..

at least you know now rather then later if you know what I mean..

Get some proactive.

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Ok, don't move, call a doctor. Assne is no laughing matter bro!

Ask a blind person to read it (; it's an awesomely fucked up prank!

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24- How would you know?! O_o

Gee 29, I don't know?

My thoughts exact.

Finn_the_human 5

Connect the dots? =]

wash that booty.

It could be worse, you could have horrible acne IN your ass... lol but all jokes aside, wash your ass for God's sake.

does anyone else find it hilarious that this persons name is acnebutt?

was that an "inside" joke? lmao

Well just make sure when in bed never to show your girlfriend ( or hooker) your ass

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Applying toothpaste can work. It'll feel pretty odd though...

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If you sit down, do you pop your pimples??? Blechhh!

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Those products cause you to age faster

Um... Ew? How didn't you realize it before?

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now we know OP never checks themself out in the mirror unless its by accident >_>

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i'm sorry but how much time do you spend staring at your ass and checking it for imperfections?

overthelimit 3

i dont stare at my ass but its not like i dont know what it looks like :P

U cant tell me u wouldnt feel acne on ur ass....

83: So I guess you might have acne on your arse as well and be none the wiser. You don't need to stand there staring at it to know what it looks like... I know what every inch of my body looks like, and I don't just stand staring in the mirror. I find it downright weird that anybody would have such little knowledge of their own body that they'd be unaware of fucking acne. Good god. They must never wash properly for a start...

Proactiv that stuff!

Wow I didnt know you could use it there if they had said that then I would have bought 10 cases of that shit. Do it OP because its all ready to late for me and the thousands of others who never got the chance to put proactive on thier ass.

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18- That's why they call it proactiv BODYWASH.

Squirrelx 5


Wa"zit" anywhere else?

flockz 19

op, dont be a pus. put some cream on your ass before your chance of getting laid gets popped.

Trying to out-pun me?

flockz 19

dont test me boy or i might bring down a "hail" of "phire" on your ass.

flockz 19

oh and by the way, your sister knows how to give one great blowjob. sorry it wasnt one, it was around 130 blowjobs.

Dude that second one was uncalled for. My sister is 11, pedobear. Also, it's not very hard to make puns out of my username. Make one related to the FML and I shall be impressed.

flockz 19

sorry for "greasing" you bro. in my attempt to be punny, i just crushed you in a "mass outbreak" of puns that "blemished" your spirits. next time i will try to remember that even my puns can have "flaws".

That was "spot"-on, bro. "Butt" try not to be such an "ass" next time. You usually "crack" me up. I'm sorry if that post "inflamed" my temper too much. I may have been a little "rash."

flockz 19

due to your in"sight"ful comments and "reflections" on my puns, i have turned "red" from embarassment for the har"ass"ment of your sister. and i must say, anyone who usually "cracks" up at my jokes are always a "pimp-le" in my book.

sxe_beast 11

I like carrots.

flockz 19

thanks for being the "root" to the end of our fun.

flockz 19

wait are carrots even roots? hahaha im really just pulling puns out of my ass at this point.

Yeah, I know right. "Orange" you tired of making puns? It's exhausting. I'm starting not to "care-rot" what i use as a pun.

This is why I love to read the comments on FML.

sxe_beast 11

Blowjobs are awesome.

At least it isn't on your face.

I'd much rather have them on my face. assne is very unattractive.

yomommma 6

Maybe it is.

2ndSucks 15

They have proactive body wash for that. But I guess you won't be getting lucky doggy style for awhile.

It's called Herpes.

^ not really. That comment is called stupidity.

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jaybray got owned by a 10 year old. owned.

Correction 14 year whose profile is trying to pick up a girl Sadness ensues for jaybray

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Its called, "you're a dumbass"

Midrash 5

Avoid doggy style and you'll have nothing to worry about

flockz 19


It helps to scrub your butt when you are in the shower FYI

thrAsHeRr9081 16

You can have a clogged pore anywhere you have skin.