By moosemay - Germany - W?rzburg
Today, suffering from severe morning sickness followed by cravings for salty food, I had stacked our fridge with yummy snacks. When finally emerging from our bathroom after retching this morning, I found out my husband had eaten all my snacks the night before. FML
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33, Why don't you research what morning sickness is? Go on google, bing, Wikipedia, or just ask your mama and inform yourself before you fill up this thread with any more of your ignorance.

  countryrose92  |  23

Morning sickness is often the word used for a pregnant woman who is nauseous. Salty cravings is also a usual craving of pregnant women. Therefore assuming that this woman is pregnant is pretty legit. I am pregnant and I made a shelf for my "pregnancy foods" such as my bacon cheddar cheese fries and chocolate strawberries and strawberry smoothie makings, from the beginning my guy knew not to touch my shelf of yummy snacks, if he had, he would have gotten to know the couch very well. :)

  rangerPat  |  12

#2: ...Because you always need to have weed to want to eat salty foods?
OP's husband could have just been super lazy and loves salty snacks.
I know I love to snack on salty treats, and I'm not perma-wasted....

  EpicSquishii  |  21

70- I'm assuming you think that America, and only America, has everything figured out, huh? Research the prohibition period, where alcohol (which is a drug, which is worse for your health than weed) was against the law. Weed is now legal in WA state, btw.
Then, go look up other countries where pot is perfectly legal.
Don't be a sheep, think for yourself.
-Brought to you by someone who hasn't even tried pot-

  suboy  |  10

70. One reason they say its still illegal is that if it were legal it would be easily accessible to patients (like those undergoing chemo) that could then stop using their expensive prescriptions costing the pharmaceutical companies lots of money. Its always about money.

  Avery001  |  6

#5, I don't think you've ever been pregnant... you crave weird things at weird times. It happens to me! And my friend used to crave jelly beans all the time, even though sweets would make her puke. And she would just go right back to eating them. lol

  cradle6  |  13

That's such a misconception.

The baby needs such a small amount of food. Furthermore, your body will prioritize the baby over the mother.

This why you'll see so many women in Africa who are effectively starving that are giving birth to perfectly healthy babies.

Still, that's not to say that the hunger isn't intense while pregnant.

  darkmis1  |  17

Actually since the baby get the nutrients from the mother, she needs to be healthy too. Infant mortality is a lot higher in Africa where the "mothers are effectively starving" than in countries or areas where the mothers get prenatal care and take care of themselves.

  countryrose92  |  23

Yes, baby needs such a "small amount if food" but the woman who is sitting there suffering from back pain, morning sickness, leg cramps, pelvic ligament cramps, head aches, nausea, scent increase, and appetite decrease may find that getting a "small amount of food" to stay in her stomach is extremely difficult. During my first trimester the only thing I could eat was pretzels because the nausea was so bad and even then I usually ended up being sick within half an hour. It's important for the mom to get lots of healthy snacks into her body because most of the nutrients are given to the baby first, but then she needs some to be healthy and able to literally carry that baby for the next several months. Also, it's not exactly a misconception, pregnant women should in fact eat more nutritious calories per day and increase that amount as her baby grows larger. No not 4000 calories to literally eat for two, but I was told to add a couple extra 100 calorie snacks through out the day into my daily eats so baby had a constant supply of nutrients.

So before you talk about misconceptions, do some research.

  M3DIC4T3  |  29

60, have you ever been pregnant before? Yes name calling is appropriate here! Especially since those were her snacks and he couldn't even have enough self control to not eat her snacks!!