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  ItsAUnicorn  |  27

Get a complaint letter sent to every apartment? But it only works whenever your building isn't that big. Or spread the 'word of annoyment'. Otherwise, good luck and invest in a nice pair of headphones..

  tjv3  |  10

Buy a bigger air horn, or get a police type megaphone set it off everytime they do. Then set it off at odd times late at night. They will stop

  sarah6786  |  14

If there are 8 floors, that must mean there are a lot of tenants, which means op will probably find out real soon where they are, because a lot of other people are probably pissed too.

  \  |  28

Unless they are all douchebags as well.

  adyb  |  12

Or they are playing a really elaborate prank on the op and will pass the air horn from room to room and deny everything when questioned XD

  threer  |  30

Except it wasn't funny.