By ccgundum - 01/02/2014 07:47 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, someone hit my parked car. The impact caused the front of the car to go up onto the sidewalk, and I got a ticket for parking there. FML
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No worries OP. I'm sure an explanation to the police department will clear things up!

Seriously did the cop not notice the damage?


No worries OP. I'm sure an explanation to the police department will clear things up!

yea contest it...if u need to, go to court, it's just silly to have to pay for that.

Court will cost more than the wave fee on the ticket sadly.

I don't know anything about Canadian laws but if you have some sort of DPS or DMV surely someone in that department can help you get out of this. If not, I'm really sorry! Hopefully you can find the douche who hit your car and him/her will pay for the damages and your ticket! This really sucks, OP. I hope it works out well for you!

@49 It's free to contest tickets.

If the court does charge you a fee to drove the ticket, send the bill to the insurance company.

Seriously did the cop not notice the damage?

Depending on how bad the damage was, the cop may have assumed that it was from an earlier accident and that OP was driving around with a dinged-up car.

\ 28

Cops today are useless. We now fear the same people that are meant to protect/justify us.

Yep, let's just fire all the cops and see how much better everything gets

You sir have never seen the USSR, our cops are lambs compared to them

the cop may have thought it was preexisting damage.. sounds like this is highly unlikely though, given the way op described it

the ussr is nonexistent

I don't see how the officer wouldn't see that the car was hit... Unless it was parked perfectly

Easily debatable and winnable in court! Don't worry OP

The problem with that is that OP would have to find the time to spend a few hours of their day in court disputing a ticket they never deserved in the first place.

Depending on the city you might not even have to go to court If you have enough evidence to send in, the can deem the ticket as void and you don't have to pay. At least that's how it is in Los Angeles I've fought and one 2 parking tickets just by mailing in prof that I was in the right/ they were in the wrong.

Don't worry, 29. The court will find the time for OP. they set the court date.

Not sure why 34 is being thumbed down. The FML community is quite odd with their disapproval..

personally, i didn't thumb her down, so i can't comment with confidence, but it might be because she used "one" instead of "won." The FML community usually has little tolerance for those types of mistakes.

The FML community also forgets that a majority of users have evil iPhones that autocorrect things when we type too fast :(

Probably could have just moved it yourself. But that still sucks. FYL, OP

arandomusernameaa 20

Your comment confused me so much...

I think #5 is trying to say, "even though you probably called the police to take a report, you should have noticed your car was now considered illegally parked. You should have moved it to be parked in the legal position." Either way, it is a stupid comment.

That is what I meant, I thought it was clear but I guess not lol.

People don't tend to park their car only to sand there for hours waiting for someone to shove their car into an illegal parking area so they can move it back...

that sucks hang in there

That's pretty fucked up & the cop who wrote that ticket is a jerk. Can't you go to court for that; like if you feel you shouldn't have to pay a ticket. The notes from the accident should be enough. What was the other driver doing to hit a parked car?

The cop is not a jerk for doing his job. Unless it was glaringly obvious that an accident had pushed the car on the sidewalk or the cop observed it himself, there is no way he could have known what had happened. OP can, however, easily fight the ticket.

cops suck to begin with they have quotas to make do they'll work hard at the beginning and end of the month just to make quota the middle they don't do shit. Please don't tell me that the cop is doing his job when half of the laws that exist are bogus and only benefit the rich

#19: I'm sure you won't be saying that when you desperately need help from a police officer, you little twit. Admittedly, there are corrupt some police officers, but there are corrupt people in every corner of the earth and in every position. Most are honest, hard-working people.

Some corrupt*

Cops don't actually have quotas. This is a myth, at least non of the cops in any of the cities that I know has a quota, however just like any job, it's expected they perform and if they write only 2 tickets all month, they clearly weren't performing. So it all comes down to judgement and that's why they issue warnings on paper.

I know a cop, but he's a beat cop so he doesn't deal with traffic stuff. He's the one dealing with domestic disputes and possible shooters. What would his quota be? He also told me traffic cops don't have quotas. Their intent is to make bad drivers drive safe, not hand out tickets to every Joe Blow. If you're getting too many tickets maybe you should think about retaking a drivers ed course.

@30 the cops where I live have what they call the unofficial quota. Unless they get a certain amount per month they'll be fired, but it's not a law or in their job description. The results are the same either way. Being fired for an unwritten rule doesn't suck much less than for failing to meet a quota.

The closest thing a cop has for a quota at least as a state trooper in the state I live in is, if they pull someone over while on their probationary period after graduation they have to write the ticket, it can still be fought and thrown out by the prosecuter however. But this is for the states and not Canada.

Um considering parking your car over a sidewalk is illegal, I don't think the cop is stupid for giving him a ticket #19. They are there to protect people. They meet quotas because enough people break the law to do so. No, rolling through a stop sign or parking poorly isn't a huge deal but it is illegal regardless and you can't call someone stupid for doing their job correctly and preventing potential dangers.

I seriously wonder if most of you have ever actually dealt with the police. Besides a DUI checkpoint or getting pulled over for speeding. They don't protect and serve at all, they would rather make assumptions and flaunt their power. I know there are a few good cops but as far as I have experienced cops are a band of bullies and thieves with badges.

Your life is over. Change your name and move to Africa.

Seriously? That's bloody cruel. It reminds me of the time I nearly drowned as a kid attempting to do butterfly stroke, and I held on to the pool lane, coughing like crazy, and the lifeguard just blew the whistle at me. Bottom line, it's a really sad feeling when the people who are supposed to help us just add to the problem.

If you almost drowned then that lifeguard clearly wasn't going their job then have to nerve to blow the whistle at you! Smfh thank god you didn't die!

#13, if #9 lived to write about the ordeal, then the lifeguard was able to do his job without leaving his seat. That is efficient!

I remember these situations as a lifeguard. Those lane ropes are a bitch, and they will snap if people hang on them. However if someone is having trouble with theirstroke, you throw them a flutterboard to hang on to instead. Obviously if you know butterfly you can tread somehow or you wouldn't be in Thai level of swimming. One of my jump in saves was from a woman hanging off the ropes, and she didn't realize they spun.

Aw man, I'd be totally bumped out about that one. But the real ticket to these situations is a good lawyer or disposable funds.