By Crappyfayman - 23/02/2010 02:46 - United States

Today, someone gave me a note to pass along to a girl in class. The note had the girl's name surrounded by hearts. When I gave it to her, she assumed it was a love note from me, and said "Not in a million years, fat ass" before I could say it was from someone else. FML
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Astraea 0

oh that sucks really. Im sorry for you you should have punched her in the face.

you should have told that bitch to suck it.


Astraea 0

oh that sucks really. Im sorry for you you should have punched her in the face.

Seriously, what a bitch! I'd have done something.

Reyo 2

Like rape?

you should have said I rather be a fat ass, then a dumb ass, you dumb ass, this note is not from me. would you like me to come to your school and beat her ass. I will break her legs for 50 bucks =)

If I was him I would of laughed and said "Sorry, this isn't from me. I prefer good looking girls."

Hunter329 0

That sucks man, seriously I feel sorry for you.

beer01 0

Agree with 49. Hahah!! I woulda said that too.

TempestJones 0

@AtoZ Totally what I was going to put... OP Shouldve been like "Pffft... Don't flatter yourself sweetheart. I wouldn't waste my time writing this for a girl like YOU..." and then rolled your eyes in a disgusted manner and turned around or walked away. What a hoe.

love 38's comeback!


ringmybell_fml 0

#49 wins

I would have said it wasn't from me then said it was from *insert faggy kid name she probally likes* and then ripped it apart so it was unable to read and laughed or say good I'm hungry and put it in my mouth lol

iSwag 0

lol dam...don't worry about it OP...that type of girl always end up getting fucked and then fucked over by every guy that pretends to like her...she'll be pregnant within a year or so... it's hard but once you stop caring about what people that don't matter think about you you'll fell so much better OP

Completely agree with iSwag. In the end you'll have the last laugh, OP :)

I agree with iswag too (dam you know women!) but who is that patient? For instant gratification, go with 49

@ 86 are you dumb ass? are you the one, he passed the note too for the kid next to him?

killerviral 0

@atoz lol that would be funnnnnnnnny

BannedStory 0

#1's hot. o.o just sayin.

what? troubles from the 5th grade. hahah wow

then lose weight you fat fuck...obesity is a disgrace!

anela_fml 0

iswag you're dead on hard but worth it you actually get better once you don't focus on every ones negativity towards you

@# 86 douche bag

jason2468 0

#86 learn how to spell dumb ass and then u can insult anyone u want bitch

jennacide 0

I'll do it just for a sandwich, I'm so poor and hungry. DX

I'll breakem 4 5, no one deserves to be treated like that

Jords_Jordan 0

The bitchy ones never get far in life...

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Wow harsh

sugarbabyxoxo 2

#49 epic win

Now that fuckin sucks... you should have threw a paper airplane at hey saying: "Hey, bitch. That note wasn't from me dumbass! Talk to the loser with a sticky note on his desk saying 'I am a loser'." Then sick the not on the desk of the guy she likes (assuming she likes someone). Then hear the same responce that you got... but WORSE!

sucks for you

your beautiful

#195 just made my grammar nazi tendencies weep hysterically..

Are you kidding me? Who the fuck are you to him fat, like really . You're pbbly single anyways , you little shit!

JustALesbian 16

Premeditated assault

TrekkieGirl 0

That was really harsh on her part. Next time, don't be so helpful. Clearly it's not worth it.

bugmenotmofo 34

indeed. either crappyfayman is a typo for the sake of typos, or it was "fat fingered".

you deserve it for not takin care of your body

TempestJones 0

@Kashmir and all the others saying OP is fat... At NO point does OP say they actually are over weight or even big in anyway... They just said she called him fat... I've seen people call a 95 lb 5'5 guy fat just because they wanted to be rude cause he asked a girl out they knew and liked... Just saying...

well she could have said, "you're ugly or stupid or not funny" etc etc but first thing on her mind was he is fat so....deductive reasoning my friend lol

Kashmir go back to pakistan or india or whatever shit fucked country ur from. what that chick said was completely rude an innapropriate and the op didn't deserve it u stupid asshole.

Pakistan or India indeed. wasn't there actually some trouble over Jammu and Kashmir?

if OP spent some time in the gym and took care of his body, she wudnt call him a fatass. and y wud u get so personal on me? I'm from America bitch. ever heard of led Zeppelin???? no prolly not. faggit

Your dumb, there are many ways u can get fat. 1 of them being because of a disease.

you should have told that bitch to suck it.

dphilipson12 0

tell her you're gonna kill her dog and eat it... just like a fatass would do.

LMAO!!! Fuckin owned!! Having your friend hand off a love note what are you 6? Why don't you go back to your hopscotch.

#8 clearly didn't read the post properly....

agreed. I lawl at peoples idiocy sometimes. but I do miss hopscotch.

where did it say it was a friend?

Rude much? Seems like she is the type who just jump to conclusions without knowing what is going on. You should have insulted her back right there and then!

should've said "You wish, you prize bitch. this is from so-and-so"

what a ho skank

she a ho skank fo sho

she a ho skank fo sho u best be pimp slappin' dat biatch Man I love talking black 8D


DogmaT_fml 4

what a lil bitch. too pompous. I like my girls with a lil edge, but still.

Asstazztic 8

Maybe she's giving u a clue that if you don't work out now ur gonna get rejected in the future

TempestJones 0

@ Azz... the OP didn't say they were actually over weight... just said she called him a fat ass... OP could actually be fit as a fiddle and she was just being a pompouse snobby bitch...

zach055 23

You should have called her a bimbo