By Innocent - New Zealand
Today, someone drove into my car at an intersection and drove off. Luckily, I got the car's registration plate and called the cops on them. Turns out, it was my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, who was illegally driving without a license. Now everyone's mad at me for getting her in trouble. FML
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By  xxDeeStar  |  27

They're mad at YOU when SHE hit your car AND she doesn't have a license? Jeez... she could kill someone on the road. I don't know who "they" are but if one of them is your boyfriend then you really need to have a talk with him. If he doesn't listen then that's a red flag.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that your boyfriend's brother would listen to your explanation. But that doesn't matter as much. What matters is that your boyfriend sees that you were clearly not at fault.

Either way, you did the right thing!

By  ajs828  |  8

That shit's just messed up! This could deft have happened to me, just so you don't feel alone, all the way down to who everyone else chose to blame.
You did the right thing. Fuck everyone else.

By  Dawn1027  |  10

If the irresponsible jackwad would have pulled over after hitting you instead of driving off you would have been able to figure out who it was and possibly handled the situation without the cops or insurance getting involved. It's completely her own fault for getting in trouble because she did a hit and run and wasn't even concerned enough about you to stop and see if she harmed or possibly even killed the person she hit. She was more concerned with her own self. I don't care who she is, she broke the law by leaving the scene and driving without a license and didn't give a shit about stopping to see if you were alright. The selfish prick deserves whatever the law can throw at her.