By Anonymous - United States
Today, someone broke my car's left side mirror. A friend of mine was buying a replacement one and texted me to confirm which one I needed. He asked: "It's the driver's side, right?" To which I replied: "Right". I got the wrong mirror. FML
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  pentameter  |  0

Do you even know what the word pentameter means? By the way, douche, any insult that references someone's mother is not a satisfactory insult. Want a re-do?

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

This is fake.
He's from the US, so the left side and the driver's side are the same sides..
How can he buy it for the wrong side if he asked correctly, and you responded correctly?

  ghostgirll  |  0

because he responded with the word "right," by which the person buying the car thought he meant that he wanted the mirror on the RIGHT side of the car. get it?