By Anonymous - 01/09/2009 16:25 - United States

Today, someone broke my car's left side mirror. A friend of mine was buying a replacement one and texted me to confirm which one I needed. He asked: "It's the driver's side, right?" To which I replied: "Right". I got the wrong mirror. FML
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You guys do get the double meaning of 'right' in this FML, right? So of course it's an FML.

wow sucks, why dont you return it and get the correct one


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I almost put you suck, and then I noticed your username. So, sir, you fucking fail.

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Do you even know what the word pentameter means? By the way, douche, any insult that references someone's mother is not a satisfactory insult. Want a re-do?

congrats on being first!! dont worry about the others, they're just haters

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aw dood we iz coo

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You guys are fucking hilarious! Go on please.

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we know you suck, troll

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Does this happen on a regular basis around here? A chain of trolls all lined up here? And yes, I am a troll.

Yeah being first is totally cool. I wish someday I can be first and therefore be as cool as icertainlysuck

Something iambic and Shakespearean.

Do we really need to be getting this nasty over a freaking number? Honestly.

are you guys gonna eat your tots

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He who taketh the first serving getteth the parsley stuck in thy teeth.

not that bad.!

Yeah right? Op just needs to take it back the lazy bugger!

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Not an FML...and who the fuck cares if you're 1st? Get a life.

You're right, It's not really a FML. All he has to do is return it and get another one.

Not all FMLs have to be life-changing. It's funny, that's all that matters. Stop posting this stupid shit in every FML that isn't a huge deal.

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the thing about that is it isn't funny.

you care enough to comment on it

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it's not really funny, considering the joke is so over used

wow sucks, why dont you return it and get the correct one

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This is fake. He's from the US, so the left side and the driver's side are the same sides.. How can he buy it for the wrong side if he asked correctly, and you responded correctly?

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because he responded with the word "right," by which the person buying the car thought he meant that he wanted the mirror on the RIGHT side of the car. get it?

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You're stupid. OP said "Right", so his friend thought it was the "right side". OP: Next time, just say "yep!"

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Not my fault the character limit, or the OP's lack of eloquence confused me at first. =)

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no you're just dumb.

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dudeitsdanny, you're stupid. The OP isn't unclear in anyway, you just want to troll since you didnt get an FML posted yet

What a brilliant idea !!

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YDI for not knowing the word "Correct."

/ | | This.

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Is Spartaaaa.

Return it? Duh. Haha, the person who did this to you gets 7 years bad luck now!

You undeniably deserve it, dumbass.

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Can't you just replace it? Your friend was doing you a generous favor, instead of you getting off your ass and doing it yourself.

How could he gave done it without the mirror? It wouldn't have been safe.

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return or exchange it......?