By Anonymous - 24/01/2016 15:54 - United States - Niles

Today, somebody kicked the crap out of my car and spray painted "CHEATER" on the sides. I've never even had a girlfriend. FML
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What kind of asshole resorts to possible jail time for revenge of that sort

Its_Sinon 15

Hopefully you have good insurance, OP. Fyl.


And thats why we never assume. Shit happens when we assume.

Even if the OP *had* cheated on somebody - the moment somebody decides that vandalism is "OK" as an act of revenge is the moment I stop feeling any sympathy for them, at all.

Cheating isnt illegal, vandalism is. Lets just think about that for a second.

OP's gotta stop cheating in those drag races

mariri9206 32

#1 you shouldn't assume things because it only makes an ass out of u and me. ;)

maybe it was a psycho secret admirer that assumed?

Find the fool and sacrifice them to Satan

That escalated quickly

For any dyslexic people out there, we're going to sacrifice the fool to Santa.

Its_Sinon 15

Hopefully you have good insurance, OP. Fyl.

What kind of asshole resorts to possible jail time for revenge of that sort

"It was just a prank dude chill out"

An insecure bitch that thinks vandalizing property will make her situation with her significant other better.

Carrie Underwood fans, probably.

Crazy motherfuckers, that's who.

"You don't fuck with another man's vehicle. It's just against the rules."

I feel like you just shouldn't fuck with people's stuff regardless.

Guess many just don't understand the reference.

tarlax 11

Well #11 sure didn't, but quoting movie lines isn't very witty anyway. So there's that.

"Where did you get the motor cycle?" "It's a chopper, babe."

"Now, you've got a corpse in a car, minus a head, in a garage. Take me to it."

cosmic_peanut 17

maybe you cheated at zenga poker , who knows

Or maybe he's only dated guys, and cheated on his boyfriend with another guy. He only said he's never had a girlfriend.

or maybe he cheated death and death is mad >:(

maybe his math teacher did it

Maybe you're so smooth that you're getting girls without even realizing it? Idk you should probably just call the police

People really need to check they've got the right guy...

PePziNL 20

And then still don't mess witch their stuff.

hamrtym 15

I just don't get how if you are a gf who was supposedly cheated on, how you don't know where your boyfriend lives or what car is his. Unless you were the side piece...

Um... no, they need to get some self-controll and not kick the shit out out someone's car and spraypaint "Cheater"

Badkarma4u 17

I'm betting drugs and/or alcohol were involved here.

Find them and spray paint on their car "BITCH"

Maybe they caught you cheating on a test?