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  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Have you ever received an unsolicited dick pic? I am a guy and someone sent one to me the other day. It is really, really offensive and I actually felt violated. Glad you called the cops girl, you have the right to maintain your own personal space, forcefully if you have to.

  Suaria  |  37

It's not right to send unsolicited dick pic to people. Sending an unwanted nude to someone else is considered harassment under the law. So it makes sense to go to the police about it. I realize most people don't go to the cops if they get sent an unwanted nude.

  jc1015  |  23

People that don’t want to be harassed by unsolicited nudes that’s who. I’d not only call the police and have him arrested if possible I’d turn him into my mom (you know...the person to whom he’s married) the only person that needs to be seeing his dick.

  Rodville  |  28

If it was an accident the police will inform the sender to be more careful. But as it turned out It was a perv OP knew so the police was well warranted in this case.

By  weazle  |  13

Who calls the cops for shut like this. You didn’t even have the number saved that alone should say it was an accident. And since it happened ONCE it isn’t even harassment. Wasting police time over something you could have just blocked a number over

  mssileas  |  25

..and then when women do wait to report harassment and it turns into stalking and/or an actual assault, you blame them for not speaking up sooner?

Just keep the dick in the pants and no one has to be involved at all, this isn't on OP.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

Weazle, your username (of "Weasel") checks out. Smh....

Unwanted sexual harassment (S/H) is just that: unwanted. And also illegal. Even for the first time that it occurs.
To use your logic, killing somebody with a gun isn't murder if only one bullet was used on a first attempt....

Also, the fact that she didn't already know that it was her stepfather's NEW phone number isn't relevant. All that means is that HE knew her number. And the fact that he didn't apologize by text afterwards (else OP would've said so) means too that it WAS intended as S/H towards her.

Sure hope that you never have any kids ESP. daughters. They'd get no emotional support from you after they've been subjected to S/H for the first time (sadly, like all women planet-wide) out in the real world eg, at the workplace. :-(


Just because YOU like sending dickpicks that nobody asked for doesn’t mean others like receiving them.

As others pointed out, unwanted nudes count as harassment and is illegal, so caling the police IS what you’re supposed to do in this situation.

By  EmDizzle2007  |  28

you didn't know his number?? did he mention you by name?? cause if not, that's kind of an over reaction. I guess I get it if it was clearly aimed at you. mentioning your name and whatnot, otherwise, that's an over reaction.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

Perhaps when the recipient is a minor??? Not that we explicitly know in this case.

And no, there's no way of knowing how much time elapsed before said sender was identified. It could've have taken days, weeks, or more. OP didn't state it nor is it relevant.

FMLs are frequently posted/ approved months after they've actually occurred - sometimes for legal reasons as possibly in this case. Also, perhaps OP felt the need to seek counseling first before finally becoming self-confident enough to post here.

What IS relevant is that law enforcement (in whatever municipality/ country this occurred) deemed it serious enough to investigate and followed through. Good for them and OP!
Not so good for Step-Perv - as it damn well shouldn't be....