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  mod3rator  |  2

#88 I believe you needed a comma after "caps". It would help to use a period at the end of your sentence as well. Before you start going off on someone, make sure you passed the third grade first. Oh yeah, you should really capitalize the beginnings to your sentences.

  futtbucker92  |  0

Well the thing is, I can cover it up pretty well with deodorant, but god help us all if I miss a day. Ever had stray dogs follow you with evil intent in their eyes?

By  lelo007  |  11

You're lucky... After I work out or have been outside sweating a lot, I just smell like a man. I wish I could smell roast beef and onions.
But hey! At least they were honest so you can take care of the problem!

  robinhood007  |  9

Smelling like just BO is much better than smelling like food. I have a close friend who smells like tacos and it's way more disgusting than if he just smell liked dude.