By liver - 19/03/2012 00:51 - United States - Santa Cruz

Today, since I'm too broke to get a new one, I had to duct tape my bra. FML
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You don't really need a Victoria's Secret bra as a replacement do ya? Either shell out 5 dollars for a crappy Walmart one or freeboob it instead :D

That's when you go without.


That's when you go without.

pfffff, I aaaalways safety pin my bra's....its so much easier than getting a new one

and dont forget to wear a white cotton shirt. and bring lots of water with you to keep you hydrated.

Exactly #1. Just let 'em hang!

I see no problem with you going braless... As my belt buckle says "i love boobies"

I can picture her braless running after a bus she missed. Breasts bouncing in all possible directions and herself overcoming the pain. Maybe that's just me, but my comment to #1's comment globally is: Lol.

Sports bras are a good temporary solution. They keep your boobs in place, they are comfortable, they breathe, and you wouldn't have duct tape getting stuck and pinching your skin. Broken bras suck, been there- it's horrible! Good luck, OP!

Exactly. Don't wear one. Just wear a dark shirt. That's what I do.

Change your pic that's just plain gross and nobody wants to see that and only guys want to see that but I don't

If you have really big boobs though, that's not always an option. For example, I'm a G. If I went to school bra-less, I would feel and look so awkward.... My peers would probably never let it go.

Hey you should hit me up

Pics or it didnt happen

Picture or gtfo

You don't really need a Victoria's Secret bra as a replacement do ya? Either shell out 5 dollars for a crappy Walmart one or freeboob it instead :D

I vote freeboob it, the world would be a better place if every girl did

How about no. If you've EVER been busty - you know that a cheap bra doesn't cut it.. or worse - sometimes it's hard to find ones that fit. And if you've ever worn a bra that's too small - it sucks. On the other hand- OP probably should learn how to sew.

I'd still rather wear a cheap bra than a broken one that's being held together by duct tape. She's broke, she has more important things to buy than a really nice bra.

14 - yeah but I think what 8 means is that OP's bazoongas would still be uncomfortable even in a cheap bra and--bam!--another broken bra. OP's current bra is probably one of the best she has for her size. if she can manage it until she can afford a better one, she'll be aight.

This is an epic chance to make a Duct Tape bra. Nothing would be sexier than for a girl take off her shirt and have her sporting the latest in Duct Tape fashion.

Everyone needs a good bra. Later in life you'll regret not having one.

TorturedXeno 27

I like how so many people are intently discussing OP's bra....

Not to mention the cheap bras at Walmart usually only go to a D-cup. So if OP is bigger than that, she's screwed. :(

If Lady Gaga can wear a meet dress OP can tape her bra! Maybe just tape your boobs up like with Hollywood tape?

Op is broke and probably, like me, when she says she is broke can not even find lint in her pocket. Not like some people who claim they are broke and still have plenty of money to go places or do things. Believe me that's a huge pet peeve of mine.

Isn't "Freeboob" that song by Lynyrd Skynyrd

If she has a small waist and a big chest, she can't buy her bras at wal-mart. I wish I could get a bra at wal-mart but they won't carry my size. I wear a 32F and I have to go to Dillards to get a bra, and the cheapest bra there is $80. No I don't have implants, my boobs are real. So cheap bra for her can an expensive bra for you.

Wrong!! My GF wears a 36DD. I buy her bras all the time from Walmart and then. Go to victorias secret and get a bag. Just to get some head.

That's because 36DD is a fairly standard/common size. For someone who wears a smaller band size, say 32-34, its very challenging to find anything bigger than a D for a half-decent price.

loving your comment

91 does your girlfriend not notice the tag? Victoria's secret always has their name on the tag.

Is this English Class or FML?

#29-- You DO know that bras don't actually prevent boobs from sagging, right? It's all about genetics, pregnancy, and time. Wearing a bra won't do anything to stop it.

I disagree. Bras do help somewhat to prevent sagging. Ever seen those National Geographic pictures of African women with sagging breasts? That's from not wearing a bra. Compare that to most American women that do wear bras...huge difference.

Freeboobing it just feels really weird for me, and hey, broke is broke, and everyone knows that duct tape is the universal repair man.

#140-- If you'd done any research, you'd know that their sagging boobs aren't the result of not wearing a bra. Again, it's genetics, pregnancy (they may have been pregnant multiple times or get pregnant at a younger age, for example), and time. Bras also create the illusion of perky boobs, but only when you're wearing them. They do not physically prevent boobs from sagging and some bras (not sports bras, those are safe) can actually have negative health effects. You should do your research instead of just assuming that African women in National Geographic look that way because they don't wear bras... XD

#140-- Oh, and not to mention boob jobs, which aren't available to most women in developing countries. ^_^ "Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point - except those with fairly small breasts." "Bras will keep your breasts from sagging while you're wearing them - but not for the remainder of time. There is no published medical literature showing that bras prevent sagging. Even the bra industry seems to know this, as the following quote illustrates: "We have no evidence that wearing a bra could prevent sagging, because the breast itself is not muscle, so keeping it toned up is an impossibility. What it can do, particularly for larger-breasted women, is obviously to provide the comfort and the support. So, if a woman wants a particular breast profile, she will buy a particular brand, and that is what they're designed for. There's no permanent effect on the breast from wearing a particular bra. The bra will give you the shape the bra's been designed to give while you're wearing it. Of course, when you take it off, you go 'au natural.' " executive John Dixey at Bras, Bare Facts documentary"

over 100thumbs up for the hot girl everyone wants to see free boob lol

I agree!!! Wal-Mart is wayyyy better than VS...those things only last a month or two, or until my dogs eat them (not worth $50 and the name on the tag). My Wal-Mart ones last forever and are only $8. :-)

Wow. And I thought the walmart in my town was crappy. They always have up to DD's. They're not really pretty but they get the job done.

176 Push ups help prevent sagging Yay chest muscles

How about no bra? Now that's hot

Ya,you say that.. Until you actually SEE a woman that's not an A cup without one..

Nope duct tape works fine too.

I can picture duct tape ripping off someone's nipples.

Yeah, trust me when I say Bras a a necessity. I'll never be able to look at Grams the same way...

gotta manage any way you can.

But sewing it didn't cross her mind...

Ahhh duct tape is there nothing you can't fix?

I was going to say sandwich... But that works too. ^

Stupid cannot be fixed even by the universally binding properties of duct tape.

You know you're a redneck when.....

Why not just duct tape your boobs up?

Now that's hot !!

Just need two small pieces then.

Removal would be sticky and painful. For pain-free nips i would recommend electrical tape

Why don't you duct tape your fingers shut and stop typing stupid advice?

161 Your parents should duct tape your Internet so you can't can't be rude to anonymous strangers. Also you no sense of humor; which can't be fixed with any amount of tape

Borrow someone else's? Got any friends or family who are a similar size?

Wouldn't that be awkward. "hey mom! Can you give me your bras?" "errrrr why? We aren't the same size" "... Because..."

19: Take a joke dumbass

Well that's strange, my comment ended up replying to myself instead of someone who insulted number 4s picture but didn't reply to her...

Oh shit sorry! Thought it was aimed at me... My bad...

It's really not that awkward. I mean, I gave my mom all of the bras I had out grown in middle school. I take care of my things so they were still in good condition. And clean.

Number 4 your boobs look so fake so get a non padded bra then tell a cool story bro..

If you're going to needlessly insult someone, at least reply to their comment so you don't look like an idiot.

Next time you have money buy more than one? And get a sports bra with no clasps they are life savers

Ahhhh, imagine life without them! So comfy....

True that! saved my life when my bra snapped on the first day of a long camping trip... There are no wal marts in the middle of the woods!

You....only have one bra? :3

You would hope not! I have like 50

Well in the post she did say she was broke...

I think since op is broke I think she had a couple or three cheap bras and one by one they broke. Now she is down to the last one and has no choice but to tape it. I have stapled them before when they broke.

Well she may only have one that fits, and depending on her financial situation, paying rent or having food in the house may be a little more important than buying a new bra. Believe it or not, people do struggle with money.

I have none. Yay for saving money! I knew having small boobs would come in handy someday! ^_^

i dont think any1 doubts that people struggle with money. but clothing is kinda important... in fact, a bra is more important than anything else, because not wearing one can...well, hurt. seriously. try jumping, girls.