By Anonymous - 11/08/2011 05:53 - Mexico

Today, since I'm too ashamed to go buy a proper sex toy, I used an old Star Wars toy sword instead. FML
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The force is strong with this one.....

You deserve it for calling it a Star Wars sword.


The force is strong with this one.....

it's called a lightsaber?

May the force be with you.

OP needs to get laid...

hmmm great pleasure I sense in you I do

Meanwhile, in Mexico...

Did you fantasize it was a tusken raider or an ewok? Personally, I prefer the gungans :)

Agreed brool_story

I can only imagine her thought process when she first picked up the toy, "I have you now"

That's a line in the movie 17 Again.

Aren't those huge? Well that must've hurt...

YDI. It's a fucking lightsaber.

I really wonder if she cut herself because she thought it was just a toy. HAIL LIGHTSABERS.

74, have you seen Most dildos? I mean a toy lightsaber is actually a little smaller...

literally, since that's what she's using it for.

where the fuck are you getting your dildos? o-o a lightsaber is sword sized. I'm too lazy to grab one of mine right now but I'd estimate they are 2-3 feet long. even the huge dildos are rarely bigger then 1 foot long.

I don't think they were talking about length, but most dildos are thicker than a lightsabe

May the force be with you.

May the force be in you

Erm, I'm aware there is such a thing as online shopping.

Well men have fleshlights only right for women to have lightsabers... But really...Anyone else hoping it makes the humming noise and the other noises...

More like may the force be in you...

Couldn't op use Hand Solo?

depends on which lightsaber. the tip of a kids collapsable one is about the same diameter or maybe a bit thinner then the average dildo at the tip. the collectable ones are probably a bit thicker then a dildo.... and I'm now pondering how much of a nerd I am to know this :p

not if she had a bucket.

"Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" is what op was saying

Soo was it the blue or red lightsaber ? ;) hahaha

Greatest comment ever :)

Sorry, but wouldnt that hurt..?

ahahaha! lmfao! :D

The sarlacc pit

Indeed it is...with this horny one

not as much as giving birth to a baby , which is way bigger than a lightsaber

Dildo go zoom zoom pew pew.

Probably a stormtrooper.

I love it 236! I think you are hilarious and a big nerd! [8^B

I knew someone wud say tht!!

Haha imagine a motor boat from Boss Nass

#1) it's a light saber #2) order it online. It's not that big of a deal anyway and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

well a woman has to make do with the tools at hand

Was it a Darth Maul double ender?!

well, you saved money right?

why do you assume it's a woman? lol

59- I don't know, maybe because of the symbol in the corner, or maybe because men don't usually stick things in their vaginas.

67- What are you talking about, guys put stuff in their vaginas all the time

I'm a guy, and something is in my vagina right now. It's my ****.

Why **** that shit out man?

Because I'm stoopid. I'm very stoopid.

Why didnt you buy it offline?

My question is who's lightsaber is it? And does she plan on giving it back to them??

Or hand period.

I used a crest spin brush with the head off for years. a-MAZING!

You mean "online"?

you mean buy stuff online not offline....

Umm men stick things up their bums don't they..? Why do u assume it went into a vag..

@59: Because it says so?

Did it hurt so good?

Cmon baby make it hurt so good

Then your little brother walks in, "There's my light saber! ....whys it so wet?"

I bet chewbacca liked that.

You deserve it for calling it a Star Wars sword.

Agreed, it's obviously a light saber

My apologies, meant for 43.

that's the first thing I thought

That's my fetish. Lol, jk.

ohhh my god get a life

Clearly a saber

4- you forgot the word toy

Star Wars is life

YDI for calling it a toy sword. It's a lightsaber!!

That's what the person above you just said. Read before commenting.

Yea but like 1 minute apart...

proper grammar wolflegion hero of everything

you deserve to have the fucking toy sword shoved up ur ass

5 - ur a dumbass u seem like one of them nerdy freaks that love starwars so much they have never seen the real world

227- u seem like a bitch who thinks anyone who isn't "perfect like you" should be hated.

227 If you make fun of people solely based on them liking a movie series, you need to grow the hell up.

LIES! There is no such thing as a star war sword. This FML is so totally made up.

Did it make the sound too

what if she has nosy parents?

wut if she moved out

did OP make it light up and have it make deporting sounds with every thrust?

Thats what I thought

Well she's obviously an adult because you're not allowed to make a purchase at a "toy store" unless you're 18. (in person and online)

if you're ashamed of being seen buying it just buy one online

I thought this too but if the op is a teen she may not have a credit card or checking account/debit card.....

And even if she is a teen with a credit card like I am, I'm sure her parents would wonder what she was ordering from

If she was a teen meaning under 18 then she wouldn't be able to go into a store. She's talking about being ashamed sooooo I would say she's old enough just embarrassed.

Um...That's Gross :|

Yeah just a little bit

I think it's hot. But thats my opinion... The opinion of an insane man.

Wooow, #icanteven

Wow #thisisnttwitter

At least they didn't #dothis on Facebook. #dumbasses

Ah, but, then anybody can post this on facebook.