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  Jennifra  |  0

May the force be with you.


where the fuck are you getting your dildos? o-o a lightsaber is sword sized. I'm too lazy to grab one of mine right now but I'd estimate they are 2-3 feet long. even the huge dildos are rarely bigger then 1 foot long.

  enonymous  |  8

Well men have fleshlights only right for women to have lightsabers... But really...Anyone else hoping it makes the humming noise and the other noises...


depends on which lightsaber. the tip of a kids collapsable one is about the same diameter or maybe a bit thinner then the average dildo at the tip. the collectable ones are probably a bit thicker then a dildo.... and I'm now pondering how much of a nerd I am to know this :p

By  stoutn  |  2

YDI for calling it a toy sword. It's a lightsaber!!

  kportal69  |  5

If she was a teen meaning under 18 then she wouldn't be able to go into a store. She's talking about being ashamed sooooo I would say she's old enough just embarrassed.