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Today, since I'm still recovering from my surgery and can't drive, my daughter drove me to the doctor. When I was done and walked outside, she was nowhere to be seen. Then I got a text: "Sorry, I forgot I have to be somewhere." The closest bus stop to our house is miles away. FML
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That would be the end of her driving privileges for quite a while if I were you. My mom would have been irate! Then again, I never would have thought about doing that to her.


medichick 5

No, it really wasn't.. But I love the originality of your witty, sarcastic remark!

sunnyt 5

Nice if her? If her what? Lol of*

1-Yes, yes it was... And it was also nice OF you to grace us with your comment

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Lol people are soooo critical of 1st comment, it literally has to be golden covered rainbows for it to get thumbed up..

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lelo007 11

That would be the end of her driving privileges for quite a while if I were you. My mom would have been irate! Then again, I never would have thought about doing that to her.

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lelo007 11

I guess I'm just under the assumption that if she were an older child, or young adult, she would have scrapped her other plans to make sure her mother made it to and from the doctor's office safely. If she is older, 18+, and her parents are paying for her car, they still have the right to take away driving privileges. And idk about you, but any surgery I've ever had, it usually causes a good amount of pain, even with pain medication, for 2-3 days. I wouldn't want to drive in that condition. But you're right, this FML is vague, like most of them are, but it is an FYL for the OP, and I think we should all be able to agree on that.

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30- As you wish: While I did not thumb you down, I respectfully disagree with Part of your logic. If I had one of my parents were dependant on me for post surgery transportation, most anything else can wait. I'd call in to my job I'd be late, I'd tell whatever friend that wanted me present that my mother needed me, whatever. Only if I had one of my kids rushed to a different hospital would I have left, but I'd make damn sure to call a taxi or have someone pick her up, something. If the daughter Needed to leave and obviously was able to send a text, she could have let her mother know what was so damn important that she absolutely Had to abandon Op. Though as you said, yes, there are too many variables, and not nearly enough Information. But even lacking what we are, there's almost no reason imaginable that Op got stranded without even a clue as to the why. Op being somewhat upset, is justifiable. Now, I didn't really have a problem with what you stated. I only responded to you was because you requested it. Being thumbed down happens, it's not personal and it's not always because someone has a problem with you. I don't, for example. Just saying. Cheers. :)

Most FMLers would rather express their jurisdictions through a simple thumb rather than formulating responses as long as your posts above - and thankfully, too, imagine the chaos of the inverse. But I believe that the people who thumbed you down are those who also hold the same basic opinion as I do: there is no valid excuse for the daughter to be abandoning her helpless mother; whatever affair was needing her to be there, her mother needed her much more.

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Well I didn't know your ages because I don't stalk peoples profiles and I was making a complement to most of the people commenting. And I don't think yours is very well written since two of your comments got a lot of thumbs down

He does make some valid points. Like maybe the daughter ditched her cause I've heard that teen daughters and their mothers don't get along well until they get older, not saying this is fact, I just heard. My point being she could be disliking her mom at that point.

notsorandomguy- All you are doing is speculating. While I agree on a few of your points, I disagree with you overall. You are trying to defend the daughter, but what she did is unjustifiable. If she did have a job interview/meeting she still could've taken her mom home, or even taken her mom with her. And if THAT wasn't possible, she could've explained to her mom BEFORE she left that she had somewhere important to go, and she might be late in picking her up. Any way you slice it, the daughter was in the wrong. SevenMillionTons- That's a pretty pathetic excuse to ditch your mom at the hospital.

cardonaj70 3

**** it to much to read the comments

Legendoflaw 4

69- Using sophisticated words in paragraphs doesn't make you smart. The amount of grammatical errors in all his "comments" were horrible. I had to reread everything 2 and 3 times.

102 - I did point out that they all remained possibilities, and, let's face it, improbable ones at that. I'm not really trying to defend the daughter, just trying to get people to think a bit before condemning the daughter like that. The FML does say that the OP's daughter had disappeared when she came out, meaning that, if the daughter was in a hurry, she might not have wanted to wait for an indetermined duration for OP to come out. And she did text that she "forgot she had something to do", meaning she couldn't have told her mom beforehand, even if that sounds just as much like an excuse to me as to OP or you. Someone (I believe it was 51, or ch0sen) pointed out earlier that OP's daughter could have called a taxi; I admit I hadn't thought of that, and after considering that, I am lead to believe that, either the daughter didn't think of it, or is an asshole and couldn't be bothered. Don't get me wrong, I do think the daughter is most likely an asshole; I'd just like everyone to think a bit more about possible circumstances before condemning her as such, and maybe reserve judgement unless we have more information.

ColorfulSmiles 7

Dude. Just shut up. Age is just a number, and even if you're fifteen, you're sounding quite immature. Just quit it. What the daughter did was not nice. Imagine everything her mom might have given up for her,& now her daughter kind of ditched her when she just had surgery. I was raised to think of others first, and family comes first. Whatever it was, it could have waited. Or a simple "mom I'll be late. I have something to do" could have been nice.

You quit it. You say age is just a number? Indeed it seems to be, since the 17 year old people I know are quite more mature than you, even on their bad days. First off, nobody's forcing you to read. Just go on another post, it's not like each time I write a comment, it pops up on your screen and blocks you from doing anything until you read it. Or if it is, that's.... disturbing. Secondly, if you're going to reply to me, at least take the time to read through my comments. It's not that hard. Did I say OP's daughter was an angel? I most certainly did not. I said it was either very thoughtless of her not to call a taxi, or an ass move. And what do you know about the importance of the "whatever"? How do you know OP's daughter's child wasn't hit by a truck? Where does it say so? What the **** do you think gives you the right to tell me to shut up when you're unable to comment anything productive and I, as well as the several others who replied to me, tried our best to have a civil and constructive debate?

SciFiFanatic 3

Omg! Can everyone just leave notsorandomguy alone! He's the least immature one commenting here! And, btw, I believe this is an FML, but I also think everyone needs to just back off! We don't know anything at all about the situation! Also, I so did not think the daughter was a teenager from the FML; I wholeheartedly think the daughter is an adult. But, whatever, just leave this guy alone!

132, I think we all agreed that OP's daughter's action was ****** up. There's no need for a 'civil and constructive debate' anymore. Please stop.

Thank you, SciFiFanatic. I'd just like to point out, though, that even if i dislike comments like 129's, I don't mind it if people expresstheir own opinion, provided they do it like ch0sen and dracoboxer, whose comments were actually productive and nice to read. If it's just to say how much of a dumbfuck I am, though, kindly refrain.

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Psych101 9

Why was daughter in quotation marks? Are you implying she is not really OP's daughter?

hahasooo 2

for 41..#3 is trying to say that, she isnt a daughter if she did that. duh. Example is a mother leaves her child abandon, then you would say that she isnt a mother.

Psych101 9

There is a difference between a mother leaving her child forever and a daughter leaving her dad while she did something else, however. If a mother left her daughter at daycare for a little longer because she had to do something else, she would still be a mother, right?

Blackmail111 9

1: OP is a female 2: If a mother leaves a child at daycare where it is protected and being cared after ( which is what a daycare is for) she is a mother. If a daughter leaves her mother (without saying anything) at the hospital and expects her to walk a few miles while still recovering from surgery, then she's not a very good daughter.

sunnyt 5

Spanking time. Just kidding, FYL OP. Your daughter obviously doesn't have any respect for you.

You said spanking time. Huh huh...huh huh.

sunnyt 5

16- Is it cause I'm Asian? Asshole gweilo

I think it has nothing to do with the fact that you're Asian, but with the fact that 16 is just... well... not a normal, intellectual being.

It's a Beavis and Butthead reference people. But still retarded.

Have mercy on the poor fellow, he was spanked as a child... on the head, one too many times, evidently.

cradle6 13

People thumbed up 20. And nobody corrected her. Even though she used the wrong your. This isn't the FML I know. *head explodes*

tmmundy 17

Time to take the keys aways for a long while, see how she likes taking the bus. Not to mention how disrespectful, call her and tell her to get her azz back there and pick you up!!!

Let the swift hammer of justice rain down on her like the iced hail of Northern Canada!!

That wasn't very nice. Your car or her car?

lexiieeex3 32

Yeah, because if it was the mother's car then that would be EVEN worse. But she would also be able to take away we daughter's driving privilege...

Knightchaser27 25

Either way it was a shitty thing for her to do

Take away the car so she can't drive. Take away the cell so she can't text. Get that brat a bus pass!

Taking away the driving privileges from the daughter will also mean that OP is stranded. Taking the phone away just means that the daughter is un-contactable do if she goes off again then OP has no way of knowing.

If my kids did that to me, they would not be driving for a very long time

Now, if my kids did that they wouldn't be driving. Not because of me taking away their driving privileges, but because their butts would be in so much pain they wont be able to sit on the car's seat for even a second.. Shit..

How disrespectful of her. I would have called for a taxi, if possible, and let her pay you the money back for it.