By Pee.H.D - United States - Fontana
Today, since I always fall asleep in class, I decided not to go to the bathroom beforehand, hoping the sensation to pee would keep me awake. I ended up falling asleep and wetting myself in the middle of the lecture. FML
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The method that i use is to hold a pen over my table at all times when not writing, so in case i fall asleep, i will hear the pen clatter and reawaken. I discovered it by accident last year but it seems to be rather effective.


I actually used to do something similar. Whenever I had to wake up early I chose to not go to the toilet before going to bed since I have the habit of ignoring my alarms. The urge to pee would always force me to get up. Luckily I never peed myself though.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Sometimes it's just the class/teacher. My history class in middle school was the only place I ever had such a terrible time staying awake in. I could be wide awake going in, but I still found myself nodding off. Id also wake up fully again when I was in another class.

By  SameerJain  |  15

That reminds me of one incident during my middle school. A girl of my class pissed infront of whole class cause she was scared by our terrifying history ma'am...

By  TheMathMajor  |  26

When I had this problem in one of my college classes, I would excuse myself to the bathroom whenever I started feeling my head bobbing and just walked around the building for a minute. That would get my blood moving again and I would be able to stay focused for the rest of the class.

  ABlindMan  |  17

How did OP deserve it? Under normal circumstance, if one is in uni/college they're not likely to wet themselves. I've used this method for some classes so I don't fall asleep. It's surprising how your body will, usually except for OP's case, keep itself awake when you have that slight urge to use the restroom.