By Anonymous - 19/08/2010 17:36 - United States

Today, seconds after my mom put my yorkie onto my bed, he threw up. His head was not fully over the bed itself, so the wet chunks fell straight into my backpack onto my new school books. FML
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"Wet chunks" almost made me blow wet chunks.

ydi fir being a guy with a yorkie:)


lol that sux fyl

oh wow get him to the vet

ydi fir being a guy with a yorkie:)

islandjew247 0

poor doggie...♥

Poor u and poor sick lil yorkie

f your dogs life for being sick. wipe down your shit, you'll be fine.

if this kid is in college those books could be expensive, and so are vets. looks like he's getting a new job.

it could have been worse! he could have had explosive diarrhea?!

How the FU€K does your life suck!

sourgirl101 28

Is your carpet beige? jk

Wow, talk about a new take on the homework excuse! :D

#28 I don't believe it! cute dogs like that don't get diarrhea :)

hmm... it could have been worse,he could have died after the he threw up. captain,new dog?

lol am I the only one who read the whole fml, and didn't realise till the end that it wasn't about a yorkie chocolate bar?

LMAO! I thought it was about the chocolate at first ... even funnier that the dog is a boy cause YORKIES ARE NOT FOR GIRLS. I LOL'd hard OP, FYL indeed.

Odamn, that sucks OP.  I'd kill the dog. lol

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1# -You know, there's a button for that.

gross! and first.

"Wet chunks" almost made me blow wet chunks.

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that sucks fyl

That is seriously disturbing.

My cat has thrown up many times on things that I would rather he not throw up on...

nice I'm jealous

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is served.

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shit! that's expensive! maybe switch his food, and sit in the back of the class or something so the rest of the class doesn't have to smell vomit all semester :s