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Today, school tuition has taken up so much of my paycheck that the only thing I had to eat for dinner was applesauce. FML
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You need to increase your sauce of income somehow.

Garnish your Ramen noodles with it. Ramen is fucking delicious. Years of food for pocket change!


Oh, ain't life so sweet?

Applesauce for dinner? Well... IT'S A GOOD THING APPLESAUCE IS AWESOME. 1- livin' the high life.

Easy fix: eat your school books! Lots of fiber to keep that nearly empty digestive tract moving smoothly!

Could have been a worse sauce like mayo or ketchup. They're good with other foods but not on their own. Apple sauce, rocks!

Well goodwill hunting how bout them apples?

It seems all of your problems could be fixed if u acquired more money

I'd rather eat ramen noodles :D

I just bought a new cadi and fulltime student. Its called having a job.

113- I agree. OP can afford apple sauce but not Top Ramen? Haha.

Op should go and buy cheaper stuff. I'm a student myself and top ramen is one of the things that i always buy. They are cheap and delicious. Op should also try to use coupons. They could save him alot of money.

If it helps, I was such a loner in middle school that since I had no one to sit with, I had to eat applesauce for lunch for a period of 5 months everyday until school ended....

I always have to reread apple sauce because it is mistaken for applause

#167 Wait just because you were a loner you couldn't eat?

Well I had no one to sit with so I had to eat in the library...they didn't let you take regular food out of the cafeteria

Just think in a positive way in a couple years you can get a job and make money then when you get a biography you can say " Before I became the richest man I had applesauce every night" :D!

Hang out with your friends more and survive on what they eat.

@51 Ramen... it's cheaper than college text books.

Ew, applesauce. FYL.

Applesauce is yummy! It's like baby food for teens and adults c:

For some reason I LOVE apples but I think applesauce is kind of gross. I know...weird.

Maybe you just don't like the texture of applesauce, or something, and it does taste a little different than apples it's self.

I hate to say this.. Because it is sooo gross! But applesauce reminds me of vomit! I am getting nauseous even thinking about it! I love apples! And apple juice! But applesauce has to be some of the nastiest stuff on the planet! BLEHCK!! (Sound it out!)

U know what? U need to shut up because applesauce isn't so bad when it is all u have to eatt!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don't need to shut up for chucking their 2c in..

Applesauce is delicious…YUMMY YUMMY

91- true that. I believe this is a site for FML's and opinions :)

Applesauce is so good!!!

88- Well that was very rude of you! The last time I checked, that is what this site is for! Expressing and voicing your opinion. You said applesauce is good. You voiced your opinion. And I'm allowed to voice mine! And I'm not going to take 'shut up' as advice from anyone.. If you wanted me to 'shut up', you should have come across it a different way! Sorry! Better luck next time, cheerbabe! :)

Why is there always that one person who is rude to you Desireev? It's some sort of conspiracy plot, I know it..

127, I think it's because they disagree with her position on certain topics. There are things she's said that I strongly disagree with too, but I don't think that's any reason to automatically be an asshole to her on all her comments. It's pretty immature when people play the hate game, but I've seen it happen to others as well. Just because you didn't like one of their comments, doesn't mean you immediately have to thumb down their subsequent and perfectly valid ones.

It's because FML (along with most internet forums) is troll central. Being a total cunt to someone over the anonymity of the internet is the way to be clever and fresh. I admit, I do it too.

GoW_Chick- Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I guess I'll go eat worms. :( I swear I should just start being a total jackass and acting like everyone else on this site. I'll get thumbed up like crazy! I'm always so nice! WHYYY MUUUSSST PEOPLE HAAATE MEEEE???

Applesauce is Effing delicious!!!

171- if it makes you feel any better, I'm secretly going to propose to you tomorrow at five pm.

I eat applesauce with practically every meal! Loovvee it!

You need to increase your sauce of income somehow.

if ur a girl become a stripper. easy money.

Not all girls like degrading themselves. And, boys can be strippers too, ya know

Actually lots of university students become strippers... Lol.

Or be a server or bartender that's fast cash with out taking off your clothes for it. Unless you work at a place that uses sex to sell their food

My brother and sister make enough on the weekends that they don't have to work any other time just being a server

Haha in Toronto a third of the strippers are university students...

Now I know where I'm going when I graduate high school.

20- Dear God! Do I really have to defend the 'strippers' again?!?! Don't bash the 'strippers'! It's not degrading in any way. Unless you're prostituting yourself out, then it's perfectly legal. And it's way better than the lazy fucks who sit around and collect welfare!

I'm going to watch Striptease now. Be back later.

How is stripping not degrading?

I can see up your skirt.

83, It's only degrading if you think of it as such. You don't have to see yourself as a lesser human being to be a stripper. If you yourself are okay with it, no one can tell you otherwise. As long as all you're doing is strictly stripping, I don't see the problem with it. So I ask you, how IS it degrading? If a woman's got the body and talent for it, what's wrong with that? She can choose to be whatever she wants to be.

Oh God, not this again!

If a woman is comfortable with her body and has no trouble showing it off, then there's nothing degrading about it. It's her choice, and hey, strippers make a lot of money.

Your not supposed to just go around showing people your naked body whether your confident and it looks good or not. Honestly, doesn't anyone have morals anymore? People don't go to watch strippers for nice, clean family fun. It's sexual and that's supposed to be saved for your significant other.

106- Ever heard of an opinion? You're judging what others do based on what you believe, and then acting like your opinion is the only one that matters. PS: You might wanna brush up on "you're" grammar

77, you can defend stripping all you want but you just contradicted yourself by making a negative judgment on people who collect welfare. You have no idea their situation, just like people don't with your stripping.

95 I never said it was, I wanted to know how it isn't degrading, which even with your explanation still didn't give a valid reason. Just cause someone is fit and comfortable with their body, I mean a fat ugly girl or man can strip so I still ask how is it not degrading? All I see is that a human being is made to take off their clothes when someone walks by with the most money and even then they are made to do someone's bidding of sexual performances, while money is tossed at them or shoved into what little clothing they may be wear. So please tell me how it isn't degrading

106, Where is the proof that it is inherently wrong to show or see a naked body? What about places in tropical climates where it is normal to be mostly or fully naked? What makes us different from them, except culture? What about those who are only blessed physically, but not mentally? What is wrong with sexuality anyway? If a woman is old enough to make her own decisions, you have no right to judge her.

StacieLynn - it's perfectly acceptable for women (and men, for that matter) to walk around beaches in Europe topless. They show off their bodies. Is that immoral according to you? What I see here is you forcing your morals on others.

106- It is an art, honey. Some of the greatest paintings and drawings are if naked people. Have you ever seen the Sistine Chapel? It's nothing but naked people! And it's named the greatest work of art of all time!

The human body is a beautiful thing. And in many different cultures, the people walk around naked. And 'strippers' go way back to biblical times. And, if you're religious, God created Adam and Eve. They were naked. That's the way that God wanted them to be. Society has made nudity 'shameful' and 'degrading'.. The way of life is to be naked. I never danced nude. I only danced topless. But either way, I am still not ashamed of it. I believe that it is all a form of art, as many true artists would agree.

Just because you believe one thing doesn't mean you should force your opinions or morals upon anybody else. I'm not forcing mine on you. I am giving a legitimate excuse as to why you should NOT discriminate someone based on their decisions. Like I said, it's all how you feel about it. You think it's degrading.. Good for you!! But many others would agree with me. Society has made nudity shameful and degrading. It is, originally, a beautiful, artistic thing. You can either shame it or appreciate it. I happen to appreciate it. :)

106, When we are born with clothes on your comment might hold water.

Nudity, sexuality and art are a far cry from shaking your tits for money while strange men get off thinking about shoving their cocks in your mouth and ass fucking you. Of course, blurring the boundries does make it easier. Opinions don't need to be respected. There is right and wrong.

Ok all those who wanna defend strippers only been zoning in on being naked, what bout the acts that go along with having to be a stripper that is what some think is degrading? Not being naked, so once again who can defend that and say its not degrading cuz I really wanna know.

Woah. I seriously didn't realize I'd offend so many people with my comment. I still stand by it but after reading comments I would like to say I think there's a big difference between art depicting naked people (which is, I agree, serious talent and beautiful) and a girl shaking her ass on a stage for guys to get off. I guess it not being naked that's my problem. It's selling yourself as a sexual object because I think women (and men) are worth more than that. I'm sure there are strippers that love their job (and thats fine) but others probably feel really horrible every night and shouldn't do that to themselves. P.S. Excuse me for not double checking my online posts for grammar and spelling. I happen to be human and make mistakes sometimes.

Even if a whore loved her job, she's still a whore. Strippers are paid money to perform sexual acts and get the audience off. If you're paid money to get someone off, you're a whore whether you had his penis in your vagina or not.

151, I don't quite understand what your argument is. If a woman is a stripper, it's her choice. If she feels horrible doing it, she is free to leave. If she is forced into it, that's an entirely different situation, and again, one you cannot judge the woman for. You seem to be arguing against the degradation of women, yet it's people like you who degrade them. The strippers themselves don't have to feel like shit because of their profession. Too bad some people feel the need to treat them like it. So what if they're doing it for the enjoyment of others? It doesn't inherently make them any less valuable of a human being. You can't determine the worth of a person only by how they earn their money. The only problem with stripping is all the prejudice that comes along with it. Again, personal decision, yadda, yadda. Also, 150, I think you're still confusing stripping with prostitution. They have little to do with each other.

128-Actually as soon as they ate the fruit they felt shame at their nakedness and made clothes out of leaves. So technically they were ashamed once sin was brought into the world... Haha sorry not trying to join the argument but I wanted to clear that up. :)

To all of the commenters saying 'what about the acts that go along with stripping?'.. Those people are called 'prostitutes'.. They have sex for money. Once again, those are prostitutes! 'Strippers' dance for money. It's legal and legitimate. What's wrong with it? And, quite frankly, very self-empowering. And a good job to have if you're interested in making a lot of money. (Which, I think, everyone wants!) Society has made this shameful. I am a completely straight woman. But I can appreciate a naked woman or man. I appreciate the beauty in the human body. I used to think 'strippers' were nasty until I was the one on stage. You get a totally different perspective when it's you up there. As long as you're not prostituting yourself out, then you're doing just fine! There's nothing to be ashamed of. I danced for years. And for damn good reasons. To all of the close-minded people, maybe you should put yourself on stage for one minute and realize how much more differently you'll think about it!! :)

166 so then if you've danced have you ever been off staging giving men or women lapdances? Had they ever make you beg their money? Made you do something like want you to crawl on the floor and pick it up or whatever people get off on? That's what I'm asking when I talk of the acts of stripping. It's not just being on a pole up on a stage. I know the difference between a stripper and prostitute. You keep saying how the body is art and all I don't disagree but I never said anything bout that I'm talking bout the act of stripping.

181, What is your point? That if they perform a little role playing they're lesser humans? To what end? Maybe you should just open your mind, since currently you seem to be holding a view not of the objective outsider, but that of the scummy fool who holds the money.

A perfectly good pun got trolled by a mass-stripper-debate. A sad day for the internet indeed.... smh..... shit!!!

I've read this entire conversation/argument And I've heard about religion, morals, prostitution .... Can we all just freeze for a moment. Think this through. 181 you need to take a chill pill bro. Being a stripper isn't prostitution or begging for money, there are strict restrictions at those clubs and people are not allowed to do certain things such as grab the dancers or any of that. However as its been repeated throughout this conversation/argument if the dancers that are on that stage or giving that lap dance do not find their profession degrading to them.... Why should you? Your not the one "shaking your ass" on stage ... Why do you care do much as to get into a heated argument with a dancer who clearly enjoys her profession and the human body. Good for her for standing up for herself and for the other dancers which are looked down upon due to societies label on them.

187 and 195 when did I ever say it was degrading? Im asking how it isn't cuz I can't see how cuz I've never had the perspective, yea there maybe rules but people are nasty and break them I'm asking to know and being attacked but still no one can give me an answer just complain at me, and say im calling them prostitutes and say its degrading. I can see how it CAN be but not how it CAN'T be and I would like to see both views on this topic. Idc if anyone wanna, men or women, wanna be a stripper. I'm frustrated because I asked a simple question and gotten a rant on how the human body is art and how stripper aren't prostitutes, yea I got that down already.

Yeah. I do see everyone's point of view but just like yours won't change, mine won't either. I don't think being a stripper makes you a bad PERSON but I think it is a bad profession. And with all due respect to the girl who was/ is a stripper- I could never get up on a stage and do that. I have confidence and love my body but I think the guys who go to strip clubs are just scumbag pigs looking for a way to get off and it grosses me out.

198, Asking how it isn't degrading because you can't see how it isn't is the same as saying it is degrading...obviously.

Obviously your closed minded. You believe someone can't see both sides of this topic? For now I see one and I wanna see both and open my self to it. I see why people think it is degrading doesn't mean I agree with them tho

Stripping is prostitution. Sure, you're not actually having sex but, you're getting paid to perform a sexual act. If it was really about dancing, you'd be in the ballet. You have to be a fool to think stripping isn't entirely about sexual gratification and arousal. Strippers are whores.

That's certainly the most Appleing Saucelution. Good Job, Steven, on finding the Core problem. How annoying it must be to not even get oranges! Ok, I think I'm out.

Them's good eatins mm m mmm

Garnish your Ramen noodles with it. Ramen is fucking delicious. Years of food for pocket change!

I always feel like I need to drink a gallon of water with my ramen.

Ramen, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of college students everywhere.

And still the breakfast, lunch and dinner of me. Yayyy.

15, It might be because of the high amount of sodium they contain.

At least you'll get a good education?

Please, for the love of god, contact your finacial aid office. GET ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET!

And call united way's 211 line. They can direct you to social services such as programs that would help you pay utility bills, food stamps, etc. Also at least it's late January so you have already purchased all your books so that extra expense isn't hanging over you.

Actually, that doesn't always help. My mom has to sell her house and try to get a new job because the financial aid people consider us "rich." They don't take into account the cost of the school. And, for some kids they don't realize that just because they're parents have money doesn't mean they do.

78- That's why you have to file for yourself and not through parents. Dont get the loans and assistance through your parents because you won't get anything.

That doesn't always work. My mom is a single mom of 5 girls who all still live at home. (I can't afford to live on my own). I have 3 jobs and am paying for everything myself but do not get financial aid because my mom makes to much. They don't take into consideration her bills or her children. And I can't file independently because my schools policy says I have to be 24.

So you advise not asking?

Wow. That's insane. I didn't realize some schools don't let you file independently.

Good luck with trying to get help! My brother has lived on his own for 3 years but when he asked for financial aide, he had to use both my parents income (even though they are separated and live in different cities.) Needless to say- he did not get the aide because they make too much.

I hope it was atleast the cinnamon kind.

No joke. Plain is gross. This Fml could have a bright side if it is cinnamon!

Too bad all the cinnamon flavoring in the world wouldn't make it feel any different in your stomach, which is pretty much like nothing.

How the fuck does someone justify giving this fml a ydi??

Because people like to be rebellious and think they're funny. :)

Or maybe those people also go to school and work their butts off while going over full time and hate it when people complain bout their situation, especially when people just complain and not do anything bout it

Because only retards go to a 25k school for liberal arts or comminications or art when you can do that a cheap school. Employera dont care what college you go to but your real life work experience. Going to an expensive school is the same mentality as buying Apple. You do it cuz its cool and 'hip'

Which is ironic really, because the only apple product OP can afford is of the sauce variety.

47, It doesn't say how much school costs, what exactly makes up the total cost, where OP works, or how much they get paid, or anything else that would allow us to make such assumptions. There's nothing to suggest OP deserves it, since we don't know their situation.

47 sounds like somebody goes to community college.

Yeah I did and after financial aid my tuitiom was free now I work as an electrical engineer for an energy company that serves over a million people. 55k a year with full benefits in only 2 years thanks to college but mainly real work experience and ive only been here 2 years. You jelly?

Tuition*. oops I repeated myself twice there, I meant to say "...full benefits thanks to college.."

71 though your doing well if you went to another school with a better name you'd of started off at 55k or more instead of waiting and working 2 yrs prior for that. That why some go to an expensive school to make more starting off. Not to say you suck tho you just took a dif route to your goal

69/71 - The reason you were able to go that route has a lot to do with the profession you are going into. Some jobs look for more work experience, but others place more value on type and amount of education, as well as where it was obtained. Some careers you can go into with little education, and gain hands on experience and knowledge, but for others, there is no way to get your foot in the door without the proper credentials. You sound quite full of yourself, honestly.

I don't think it matters what school you go to. If you're an intelligent person who goes to community college and works hard you're going to do just as well as an idiot who goes to Yale and parties the whole time. I'm getting my college degree online for about $7,000 total and have had no problems finding jobs because I'm hard working, mature, and passionate about my career.

37- Did you not see where OP said 'after tuition took my paycheck'? Obviously, OP is a working individual who is paying for their schooling. Re-read the FML. Because obviously you didn't read it.

Your complaining about applesauce? Applesauce is delicious, I'd gladly eat your applesauce if you don't want to have it. Please.

He's complaning how much money he has to pay for his school tuitions and all the food he has is applesauce. But for all means, take the poor hungry soul's only food.

Lol he's got a good point if that's the only thing he can eat you probably shouldn't say I'll just take that's for you :p

I know how you feel! I didn't qualify for financial aid this quarter and now I am struggling to pay rent on top of tuition! Thank you "Dream Act". (If you haven't heard of it look it up online. It's pretty ridiculous.)

Love the name they picked for it too. It's like they're preaching that everyone should go to college, but passing laws to make sure us peasants can't get funding to go to the same places the politicos send their kids.