By thanksjill - United States
Today, our school went to an elementary school to read to the kids. One of the girls in my group asked me if she could switch into another group, so I asked her what was wrong with mine. She said, "Nothing, I wanna be in her group. She's prettier." I was insulted by a kindergartner. FML
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By  whodathunk  |  0

#1: When correcting people's writing, you should write correctly yourself. (Also, "kindergardeners" is what this site accepts as correct; "kindergarteners" gets underlined in red. So, maybe she can spell and it's that can't.)

OP: You've got to love them.

  indyme  |  0

It is kindergartner. is great. And to the German major, pay attention and you'll notice that American English is very different from the queen's English, and therefore, all European roots are nearly worthless in terms of trying to spell a word "correctly".

By  thebaroness1984  |  0

You shouldn't be insulted by that. Kids are not only brutally honest, but sometimes they just say things to get a rise out of you. One of the Kindergartners at the school I'm working at told me "I'm smarter than you!" I just thought it was cute. :-)