By mtorres8789 - 27/06/2009 06:33 - United States

Today, our favorite teacher walked into our history class and everyone started whistling, I decided to join in by screaming 'sexy'. The room went quiet and all heads turned to me. FML
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quivx 7

You're an idiot


quivx 7

You're an idiot

platypuscatrat 0

My friend does this all the time. Get some balls kid.

"Your friend", eh?

Since it's a female, I would prefer her to not get some balls.

ElliexMarie 0

people; there is such thing as SUMMER SCHOOL . -.-

pippymiskers 4

yeah ur eyes are really cool.

140 i like cereal too(: i had cheerios for breakfast this morning!

that's cool but I had chocolate cheerios:)

You have school still? It's fucking summer. Haha I'm an idiot.

Agreed!!! I don't get it?

school in my country closes 3rd july and reopens september 2nd

uhhh...what about other countries? like australia...their school year is still going, and it actually starts at the BEGINNING, not MIDDLE of the year

It states that OP is from Texas, US, so other countries don't seem particularly relevant here.

oh, my bad, didnt notice that. but still, it takes ages for some FMLs to be moderated so maybe that's the case? either way it's funny and i often find FMLs are ruined by people calling out on them and saying 'FAKEE it's summer' whatever

also, they may have just decided to post it today, it may not necessarily happened the day they posted it.

ever heard of summer classes?

yeah but in australia the seasons are different.

year round? which is two months on, one month off, two months on...(at least when i had year round school0

76- obnoxious much?

ImAKlutz15 0


-.- That was stupid.

lawlfyl 0


Awkward. Next time you should just whistle too or maybe keep your mouth closed altogether

highlightthat 0

sexually harrassing your teacher in the middle of class. good job. even if other people are whistling, it's still not okay. you deserve worse.

little bit of an overreaction...

lexilovesyou 0

Uh yeah for real. Hes just a kid. Chill ouut. Loosen up!

lmmmr 0

No, he is right. Making cat calls, whistling and shouting sexual things at a teacher while they are working is absolutely sexual harassment. She was trying to do her job, the "kids" disrespected her. I knew better as a "kid."

a1mostevi1 0

but...the op is a woman...

And the OP's sex changes.... what?

#42 the gender of the teacher isn't mentioned... perhaps the teacher is a man? considering it says (woman) next to the ops name. just a thought?

lmmmr 0

That's very true. But my point still stands. When people are doing their job, making sexual remarks is sexual harassment, man or woman.

#42 any class of kids in HS could have done something like that trust me it's not that unusual so stop being so anal about everything

senalina 0

i have a teacher who screams in class and she calles every thing sexy.... school isnt the same teachers try to make the best of the day for themselves abd thier students! :p

CaptainDoorknob 7

There's a video of an Italian teacher being groped in class and she didn't even care. She got fired for that.

cmon guys lighten up... I remember when i was in school, we were upto all sorts of things like this... and everyone was sportive about it. Too bad u had to resound singularly... and since u r a woman, i dont think it is actually a big deal (for those who r screaming "sexual harassment"). shld have been funny tho :)

piddly_03 0

fyi sexual harrassment isnt just when a male does or says something inappropriate to a female, it works both ways, buddy.

But in practice, a fraction of women are reported vs. men. Somehow men like it when random women compliment their chest, but women take that as the legal opportunity to file a report.

lmmmr 0

Many women take is offensively because many women do not care to be seen in an overtly sexual manner by everyone they come across. Particularly as a teacher by a student (if the case happens to be that the teacher was female in this scenario). It breaks boundaries and undermines her authority.

lastminuteperm 0

Why would you shout that to a teacher? You are disturbing. That is a total disrespect. And why the hell would you shout that if everyone else was just whistling? I know how they were wistling but seriously?

Ah it's ok just make sure evryone knows it's a joke apologize to it teacher and it will all be good u don't deserve that u were just going with the flow in ur own creative way ;)