By forgetful - United States - Los Angeles
Today, our family bought a new car. When we got home, I opened the trunk to get my backpack. It turns out I left it in the trunk of our trade-in. The dealership is closed now and I have a presentation due tomorrow. FML
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  katelng09  |  16

I don't know it people will understand what I meant with this comment. I meant like the teachers won't believe anything about a student forgetting their hw. Like for example "my dog ate my hw" type of thing.

By  whatunicorn  |  17

This defines bad luck and forgetfulness so well.
Look on the brightside, at least you found out a day before instead of the day, better work your butt off! Good luck!

By  dddd47906  |  5

Email your teacher as soon as possible. It looks real that way rather than a made-up excuse. Contact the dealership tomorrow, or just work your butt off… anyways you still have to contact the dealership. Good luck… sorry.