By Anonymous - 30/12/2014 04:17 - United States - Richardson

Today, our band had a road trip. Two people chose to stack themselves on top of each other to share a seat rather than sit in the last seat next to me. FML
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Sounds like you have room for your stuff and you can even relax and be comfortable :)

their loss and your gain?


Sounds like you have room for your stuff and you can even relax and be comfortable :)

Yeah this is definitely a win. At first I thought they squeezed in next to him. Being claustrophobic, that would be FML for me!

ask him if he actually has friends in the band...

maybe those two were in a relationship so they didnt want to sit apart depending on how the seats were

their loss and your gain?

I'm thinking that those two people were friends and wanted to sit together, but the last seat next to op was too far, so they decided to stack on top of each other so they could still talk to each other. Anyways, I hope that was the real reason, fyl op.

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To me it just sounds like his classmates.

Ran out of time to edit here's what I meant to say: To me it sounds like they were just his classmates, still sucks for him though because nobody wanted to sit next to him. I'm sorry op :(

@17 don't make it worst

@52 I feel bad for my comments now :(

Whew 'friends'

Don't feel too bad OP, perhaps they were just "weird" for each other? Always the way back trip. :).

Start looking for other bands maybe?

I don't think it's that kind of band ...

Yeah I feel like it's more of the huge instrumental bands. A lot of those are in schools too. So it might be that.

Gotta love band members haha

Every other seat was taken? In that case, I'm sorry to hear that, OP.

Maybe they wanted to be closer to each other and it has nothing to do with you.

Yeah op think positive maybe they were a couple :)

Or maybe OP just has really bad BO.

Couldn't it be both ?

"This one time at band camp..."