By Mad Gerald, Mr Rat and Mr Key - / Sunday 17 February 2019 20:00 /
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By  WeirdUS  |  27

Why not hold the baby and let her try to shut it off? Not very smart, anyone would assume the guy reaching down a woman's shirt would be the reason it was going off.

  kendonmcb  |  14

The only thing not very smart here is the passerby assaulting anyone without understanding the situation before. I would sue that guy, nobody has any right to attack anyone without making sure anyone is in danger.

  WeirdUS  |  27

Can't tell if bad humor or just stupid. Most hearing a rape alarm would not ask the guy wth his hand down the woman's shirt. It's a pretty safe assumption.

By  Flazb  |  5

Where the f do you live that your wife needs something called a rape alarm, I've never heard of that ever before, and I hope I'll never will again

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