By Earthling - Colombia - Bogot?
Today, our art teacher told us we will have to build a giant Coca-Cola bottle made of smaller ones as our art project for next week, meant to represent the damage consumerism does to our environment. I think he doesn’t understand we will have to buy tons of Coke to get the bottles needed. FML
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  SpyroMello  |  29

#18 you'd actually be surprised at how much people actually recycle. In the US at least, we have to recycle or we get fined for putting recyclables in normal trash hence why we have 3 trash cans. Since people practice it at home, it's generally practiced in public too. Getting specifically coke bottles would be a problem but lots of people drink some sort of coke pretty often.

  zeffra13  |  31

Considering it's the next week's assignment, I doubt the whole class could scrape enough bottles together even if everyone's family went out to buy bottled coke right then. Stores don't even stock that many bottles since most people buy canned, though I guess they do stock the plastic bottles.


Idk where 18 lives in America, but it's not at all like that in most places. Most people do recycle, but most places don't have any fines or anything that prevent people from throwing away recyclables or using recyclable bins as trash cans.


I think the biggest problem with that suggestion is the fact that they need bottles. I suppose it may be different in different places, but in the places I've lived, people drink Coke from cans. I can't actually remember ever being offered Coke from a bottle at any friends houses, restaurants, etc. Our family never bought it. Other drinks, sure, but not Coke.


I recycle when I can, but where I live in the US we don't have fines for not doing it, nor do we have three trash cans. Also, even if you ask everyone you know for Coke bottles (even all drink bottles) it would be difficult to get enough in the time allotted. I know I personally wouldn't be able to, and instead of buying the extra bottles I need I'd probably refuse to do the assignment due to the hypocritical nature of it.

  thatweirdasian  |  22

Some areas in the USA get fined for not recycling, while other don't get fined. Growing up in the greater Seattle area in Washington State, it's a requirement to have a yard waste bin, a garbage bin, and a recycling bin. We'd get fined for not disposing things in the correct bin. Now, living in a rural area in Florida, we unfortunately don't need to recycle.

By  chabuton  |  4

Well I suppose there's some irony in that but either way the plastic has already been made into bottles and someone else will buy it. You could ask friends and family members to give you any bottles that they have used so that you wont have to buy that many.

  AryanaStar  |  14

I don't understand why people are downvoting a good plan. For any school project that requires large amounts of things that people generally toss out or recycle why not ask for help?

By  xyze  |  1

You announce that you would give 10 cents to other students per can instead and it would make things more profitable for both sides.. Or ask some cafes etc for it.

By  Isa_fml  |  20

Collect your friends'/families' empties. Ask a recycling depot. Ask your school if you can raid their recycling bins. Put up signs telling other students you're collecting bottles. Do a bottle drive. Ask restaurants for their empties. There are seriously so many options here; if you can't figure it out, you're an idiot.

By  Tortuga594  |  14

Instead of buying them just go find recycling bins and get all the 2 liter or 20 oz bottles for free. Use every soda not just coke, clean them up, taking the labels off best you can. Mix up some water and food dye to get a dark brown liquid pour into each bottle. Start stacking, coke bottles on outside, non coke on interior. Put a small piece of wood or thick cardboard on top of bottles and keep stacking to desired height. Taper as you get closer to the top. Use a poster board and artistic skills to make a label. And a piece of red construction paper around the top bottle to represent cap. Easy