By incestastic - 14/08/2010 23:23 - Canada

Today, one of my mum's dinner guests walked in on me and my boyfriend kissing, only to let out a horrified scream. Apparently my mum had introduced my boyfriend as her son, as she is embarrassed of my real brother. FML
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So... your brother was supposed to be your boyfriend? Or is he just the random kid that breaks in every now and then?

F her real sons life, maybe? :|


Your mom has issues. YDI though for being a naughty daughter!

haha that pic of jb is funny [x &&haha how embarre.

YDI for being a Brit YDI for saying mum YDI for having a bf YDI for having family

wincest? well... almost...

*Justine Bieber.

your really cute :)

is your brother Justin beiber cause if he is shoot him. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14, I think this is close enough, this is wincest

22 take out the he and him and put in she and her 

lol @24, but also this isn't really that bad, as this just means her mum really likes her boyfriend, better than her hating her, she just has a REALLY weird way of showing it

9 ops Canadian :P

OP is not a Brit. OP your mom has issues. :(

In Soviet Russia, mum bangs YOU!

Ever hear of a life? And yeah, posting YDI's all day on FML isn't part of a healthy one. I'm not an MD yet, but I suggest psychiatric help... Soon.

#9 should die. Why? For being born.

6 Your attempt to spell embarrassing was embarrassing. But it's okay, it's a tricky word.

actually it's F your brothers life for being so embarrassing that even his mom is embarrassed of him! unless he's perfectly normal and your mom just has issues... but stil it's FHL

so im guessing ypur mom introduced your brother as your boyfriend...?

im so sick of americunts like you having a fit at english people and aussies, its the way we speak arsehole or should i say asshole so i dont get yelled at

yes 121 you should.

lol arse. that just sounds funny and is in no way insulting.

omg! how the fuck did this get from the fml to the language debate?!

WTF she's from Canada dipshit!!

WTF! I'm from Canada and I have never heard another Canadian say "mum" as apposed to "mom". this person is just a retard.

lol dude i say it all the time

is your brother the one who posted the fml about his mom introducing him as, "the kid she babysits"?

Ontario, Canada, not British learn to read dipshit.

HAHAHAHAHA funny #9 xD

it's funny because that's pretend WINcest (in the making)

At least you know she likes you boyfriend!

@141 Hey dipshit, not all Canadians speak like you do. I'm Canadian too and some folks with particularly British lineages here still use a lot of British slang. STFU.

Is someone a little bitter?

americunts. how original.

#9 last time I checked Canada wasn't in Britain.

strong British lineage in Canada. just because you live some where doesn't mean that's you nationality so by insulting him for calling them British you are doing something just as rude and ignorant.

and by insulting Americans you are doing exactly what you say is wrong. I live in America and have friends in germany, Spain, and costa rica. don't blame a country for the ignorance of a very small percentage of it's population.

oops, i didn't catch that mistake. thanks for the correction :D

I can read I know it says he lives in Canada but don't you retards think it may be possible that he's British and moved to Canada, duh. so as I said before FYL for being British op

well im from Australia so I say "mum" but maybe op said "mum" instead if "mom" because they lived in Australia or England for a while...

1- How the frick is a boyfriend and a girlfriend kissing "naughty"? Clearly, you must be very immature. And you say she is the idiot? Yeah right...

YDI for having a mum YDI for having a mum with friends YDI for having a boyfriend YDI for making out with your boyfriend YDI for having an embarrising brother YDI for having a mum that lied YDI for having people walking in on you

YDI for imitating other people's styles. Stop copying other people, it's only funny when they do it.

when are people going to realise this just isn't funny

First off, you need better grammar to do that. Second off, you're forgetting the essential: YDI for being a Lardy Mcflabflab Since the OP so obviously is fat, as her brother does not have a girlfriend to be her mom's *real* daughter.

Wow... I seriously wonder if people who post these ignorant, rhetorical YDI's honestly think they are funny or intelligent or cute, etc. Am I the only one who finds that a little creepy, sad, and utterly embarrassing on their part? I guess if I wasted breathes out of my day for something that annoying and bizarre I'd feel pretty darn important myself!

What does being cute have to do with anything? Also, you should look up the definition of a troll. You will feel good that you learned something!

How is it creepy? Like FFML asked, ever heard of a troll?

why is the word ignorant used so much on this site, usually in the wrong context

and 81 rhetorical means language used to please or persuade, so unless there is another meaning I am not aware of your argument is made up of clever words you clearly don't understand

I'm going with the 2nd one. Damn those hoity toity trolls!

No, I don't have to put "second" Chris. So, stop it! ò_ò

Yes you do, others will read it as Twoend. lmao And stop copying mercy's face! You did a horrible job!

Ucofresh, which uco do you go to?

hahahaha! Chris that's funny. but somebody would have to be real stupid to read it as "twoend" hahaha good one though

atleast. she has a mom ha!

ydi for being from canada

So... your brother was supposed to be your boyfriend? Or is he just the random kid that breaks in every now and then?

haha! I have one of those (kid that breaks in every now && then)

the brother was locked in his room

More like locked in the basement

I wanna see what your real brother looks like

I hope to God that you're 18.

I hope to God that you're 78.

You're welcome.

freeze I don't know what to think about your new picture. it has less personality than usual, and so MYSTERIOUS. :)

F her real sons life, maybe? :|

LMFAO incest is nasty as hell! xD if you fuck yu're brother yu're kids come out looking all retarded with like smooshed faces and shit xD lol but yeah anyway sorry OP yu're moms a bit strange xD

Actually, your*.

Actually, *ur.

Actually, ironically, incest skips a generation. If someone had kids with his or her brother, their kids would be a-okay.. Sadly, their grandkids would have a more probable, not definite, chance of being "messed up."

Fun fact, incest-related deformations usually skip a generation. It's not your baby you gotta worry about, it's your baby's baby!

dude -.- this is Fmylife a website to make you laugh does it really matter how the fuck I spell things as long as you can read them? fuck off and chill the hell out seriously WTF crawled up YU'RE ass?!

Some people barely passed elementary school, and take great joy in mutilating English.

Actually, I can't understand what you're trying to tell everyone else.. O.o

^^^ Me either... I do not speak this texty language you type...

That's a bit hypocritical of you when your getting so worked up over someones opinion!

I hate when people correct me especially when I spell it that way on purpose beacause I'm obviously to lazy to spell it out correctly why does it matter anyway? I'm free to spell things the way I wish too people can't tell me how to type my words -.-

If you had written the correct "your", it would actually be less characters than typing "yu're". Also, you seem to type most of your words out fully, does it really take that much effort to type an o in that one word?

It takes more effort to type 'yu're' than your, though.

Your mother is not happy.

still... "fuck off and chill the hell out seriously WTF crawled up YU'RE ass?!" ... you obviously need to breath... and proof read...

43. no actually you can't. because in English [yeah you know that launguage we are typing right now] you have to spell everything correct or you get attacked by the giant evil mutated cheeseburger living under your bed feeding off your dirty socks.

yea xD in to lazy to reach for the O haha! I'm a dweeb :] why are people so quick to judge me for the way I type? just because I like to spell something a diffrent way.. it's not like it makes me retarded or anything.. I'm just slightly diffrent

evry1's diffrent in there oun way :) just laff at the uptightness and move on

Smiley face... Smiley face... Bad grammar... Can't reply... Not retarded.

it's not so much your grammar as the fact that your picture shows your boobs hanging out. o_O but maybe that's just me.

^ :O no it's not just you :b haha! (x