By Anonymous - 20/06/2009 17:14 - United States

Today, one of my good friends confided in me about the affair she is having with our boss. She'd been sleeping with him for 3 months and told me they were in love, but it had to be kept quiet due to our company's very strict anti-fraternization policy . I'd been secretly seeing him all year. FML
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Bangarang_Rufio 0

Now would be a good time to jump for that promotion lol. You know, since you got HIM a raise first.

Hahaha I bet there wasn't even an anti- fraternizing policy, just a way for your boss to play both of you and make sure you kept quiet :P


grimmelok 0

I agree with you #1. You both got played for damn fools. I bet you thought you were a special snowflake, screwing your boss and now you find out your co-worker is as well. I bet there are more than the two of you.

StealthStorm67 0

Blackmail him for a raise, your new extra-money will take your mind off the fact that you got played like a piano.

hahahahaahahahahahahahahah awoo loo loo im better at runescape than you all!

Youre_not_sorry7 2

i know right? he could be sleeping w every female worker there! not really but still ya know?

I agree. How do you know it's only the 2 of you? Sounds like 'John Tucker Must Die' :P

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hahhaha you play runescape... lol

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i agree with the fact he was playing you both. Report him??? or would that mean that you have to tell the friend the whole story???

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why the hell is this a negative comment? its about runescape. seriously.

I agree with #1 and #15. There probably are more people. Ask around.

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wow runescape really get your gay ass of the computer

Not really her fault if she didn't know.

Agreed. How dare she be seeing a guy for a whole year. Very *****-ish.

Caayouteepie 0

wow thats a tough situation. you should tell your friend youve been seeing him all year and you both can confront him at the same time. I hope your friend understands.

Uhh... Ya it is her fault. And yes, she was being a *****. She said "Our" company, not "her", meaning she was working there too, meaning she was violating the company's rules just like her friend and her boss. Also, #59, I salute you.

its her fault cause shes screwing the boss, thats scetchy

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Now would be a good time to jump for that promotion lol. You know, since you got HIM a raise first.

lol very true xD yeah, sorry but YDI OP.

Hey, if you can sleep your way to the top, why not? Integrity is overrated anyway.....

spiffles 0

Did you tell her that had been in a "relationship" with you too?? If not, I may have to agree with #2

australiaaaa 0

pull a john tucker must die on him and get revenge

i agree. except instead of trying to get him to fall in love with someone and get dumped just try to find some way to get him fired. request naked pictures of him one night then send it around the office and to his boss.

poison29 0

#11 and #3, really, how many of you assholes are there in the world?

TamaraCamera 0

wow, that kinda mean to say, saying her boss is your idol, but think bout the person who hurt, how would feel if you were being cheated on especially since her best friend her boss is doing it with, you wouldn't like it so think bout the person who have gone through the pain and is heartbroken now.

#13 There are lots and lots and lots of us. For every "asshole" who is sleeping around with many women, there are dozens of us that would, but we lack the opportunity. Furthermore, many of us look up to the "assholes" unless they get at our wives or other women we really care about. So, the worst you think about us men is probably true. Sorry.

Pathetic. It's deplorable that all the respectable men in the world seem to be being replaced with total jackoff assholes like you. What happened to those that thought with their brains rather than their genitals? I wish I knew.

@13 they're called men. and i dont mean that in the "MEN MANLY MAN MAN REAL MAN" sense. i mean literally every male on the planet is like that. douches.

I'm not like that... which probably explains why no woman is willing to have sex with me. So logically, men MUST be assholes in order to succeed in using their genitalia.

stephen0819 0

If her sleazy boss is your idol, you might want to get your priorities straight...

I don't think that you have to be an ass hole to get a girl, I think doing that will just attract the wrong kind of girl, and who wants that any ways?

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