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How old are you guys? Sounds like she's pretty immature to blame you and not him.

Sleep with him just to get back at her for not talking to you.


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Yeah thar sounds even more mature than op's friend...

The whole situation seems stupid to me. What did everyone honestly expect to happen here.

Probably shouldn't fight fire with fire. That's some fucked up advice.

That seems a bit drastic...

I've officially lost faith in humanity for how many thumbs up this got. OP'S friend may not even be mad at her, just mad at the situation so she's taking it out on every one around. That's no reason to be a slut and sleep with the guy. Plus that will guarantee losing her as a friend. OP let your friend calm down then try explaining that you were only helping her dodge a bullet. Don't listen to these idiots that fail to think about a situation before acting on it. Best luck to you and your friend :)

#70. I assume the thumbs up took what #1 said as a joke. As this whole situation is pretty much a joke!

How old are you guys? Sounds like she's pretty immature to blame you and not him.

Perhaps they were both testing her.

Sounds immature either way

Someone's jealous..

Being jealous and being a complete and utter nonsensical idiot are two different things.

yet somehow she's both

Your friend is an insecure idiot.

Time for some new friends.

_awwhellnaw_ 45

All these stupid "tests" people put their partners through to see what they'll do is stupid. She should trust him without making you flirt with him, and you agreeing to do it is so childish. YDI.

Totally agreed. Your friend sounds like a moron. However but you deserve it for playing along to this stupid idea.

Am I the only one wondering if it was actually a trust test for OP? O.o Maybe that's why the friend is so mad at OP, because she failed the test. ... Or she's just projecting her anger onto OP because that's easier than actually talking to her boyfriend and dealing with her trust issues. Either way, the friend is completely crazy. FYL for having to put up with her, OP!

Well there's a relationship with a lot of trust...

... tests. Don't worry, I got the end of that sentence for ya!

Some people are natural flirts. I've been told I flirt so much I could flirt with a rock.

Agreed. I am a huge flirt but Its Not intentional. It doesn't matter if she's cute or not I still flirt with them. My wife knows I do it because when we go anywhere I just do it. She knows that just who I am and it is harmless flirting so she is perfectly fine with it. It all boils down to real trust. Where I can do and say what I want and she trusts I won't cheat on her. Not the OMG he just told that girl she has beautiful eyes so he is going to have sex with her now. But then again I'm just speaking from my own personal experience.....

It's a little immature to flirt THAT much. You shouldn't need validation from other people if you are happily married. I trust my boyfriend completely and wouldn't get mad if he flirted with someone else once or twice but come on. Every time you go out?

Perhaps they are just nice people which is off times confused with flirting. People make the comment that they flirt constantly while they are just being nice so they internally redefine being nice for flirting themselves hence the post here being labeled as flirting instead of being nice

#25 I like to compliment others, and people usually mistake this for flirting. Nowadays niceness is confused with flirting because usually the only time people are nice is because they want something from the other person. This guy seems a lot like me here (not OPs story, but the one you replied to.) Either way I've been called a flirt countless times even though I haven't been flirting.

so, #12, did you make the rock hard? seriously, though, some people are naturally more touchy feely than others and it seems like flirting, when the person. is just trying to be friendly

I'm a pretty big flirter myself..yet, haven't had a relarionship.

#39, I make lots of things hard. *eyebrow wag* Joking aside, since I got married I've learned to tone it down to where I mostly flirt with just my husband. Unless someone flirts with me first--then it's just instinctual.

Things like this are so immature

Flirting does not necessarily mean he would cheat. It is a subjective concept anyway but if you were flirting with him it can be hard not to flirt back, especially if he knows you are friends with his gf, maybe he thought it was a big joke and went along. But seriously this test is ridiculous in my opinion. It is silly of your friend to get mad at you though.