By icanteven - 12/09/2013 01:12 - United States - Florence

Today, one of my employees called in after his 8-hour shift, explaining that he had bed bugs at home, found one on his shirt, and thinks they are in the store. I own a mattress shop. They'd spread. FML
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Call the exterminator! FYL OP that sucks. Sorry

TylerAnderson98 10

I'm sure he didn't intentionally bring them into the store. Just call an exterminator, and you should be fine :)


Call the exterminator! FYL OP that sucks. Sorry

ViRepz 28

Just Wish everyone who buys a matress Goodnight. By the way, Notice how there isn't an already made button I can click for my comment #1

#51 Dafuq you're talking about??

#51 was dissing #1 with sarcasm. he's saying #1 could have just clicked the button "you deserved it"

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51, he said call the exterminator. Not just FYL.

Sorry 51, no one seems to remember the saying "good night, don't let the bed bugs bite."

That sucks, sorry OP

TylerAnderson98 10

I'm sure he didn't intentionally bring them into the store. Just call an exterminator, and you should be fine :)

sammyjanette 17

You must not know how difficult it is to get rid of bedbugs. It can cost up to several thousand dollars. Also no one wants to buy a mattress that was previously infested with bedbugs, so the mattresses might be rendered practically useless.

It is equally possible that the employee picked up the bed bugs from the mattress store. It sounds crazy, but there are a number of home infestations traced back to new, unused furniture.

ditto !!!

Better bedbugs than a major fire. A carpets store just burnt down nearby. Still an nuisance I know but exterminators will get rid of them. :)

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get of and it's a very costly procedure. Plus they have to lose money while in the process, because they have to shut the whole store down. Also they may have to call all their recent customers and tell THEM that their home may now be infested with bed bugs and now they must complete this costly procedure on their home too. The store is either going to have to pay for that, refund the mattress (if they even want it at all anymore, I wouldn't) or both. Tons and tons of money lost in this scenario, along with their reputation.

hooligyn123 18

Sadly, He'd be better off if it had burned down actually. Then, as long as he was insured, the insurance company would have covered it. Insurance companies rarely cover infestations....

Now wouldn't be bad time for a "tragic" "unexplained" fire to break out in OP's store

What if a customer brought them in? I'd be hesitant to put blame on the OP or the employee.

Ah shit that's really unfortunate. Call an exterminator and tell your employee not to come in until he deals with his bed big issue.

I hope you can just solve this quick and glad the employer called and informed you or else things could have gotten much worse

you read it wrong. OP is the employer and th bed bugs spread through their store

CharresBarkrey 15

Seems like a simple typo to me

Yeah it was a typo,ur smart

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Fumigate! (him)

You gotta get the exterminator quickly

Those blood sucking assholes are hard to kill/get rid off.

I can't even fathom how much this sucks. Hope you can get rid of them and save your stock OP.