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  lexiBRo  |  0

I agree w/#2...most ppl don't just assume someone has a twin. Most likely they would be like "Hey, does your dad have a twin? B/c I saw someone who looks just like him"... not just embark on a full conversation about some twin they have never heard about before.

  americayay  |  0

Agreed. I haven't read a true FML in a while. However, the OP is lucky that she's old enough to have a boss, which probably means she's out of the house or close to it.

  babybarb  |  0

Because maybe when the boss went up to greet OP's dad, the dad told him, "Oh no, you must be talking about my twin and his daughter, my niece." Duh!

By  aback  |  4

Mention it to your dad so if it was him, he can clean up his act. Chances are good that it wasn't, though. People don't pay as much attention as you'd think. They'll see someone who looks vaguely like an acquaintance and think it's really somebody they know.

By  jessamyn_it_is  |  0

Calm down, it doesn't mean it was your Dad anyways. He probably meant it as a phrase. I also have at least one doppelganger I was told.
I would mention it to your Dad, too. You'll see his reaction. You know, innocent until proven guilty.