By Sam - Belgium
Today, on the way to an exam I saw a car accident happen. I stopped, helped the woman who was injured and waited for the paramedics. I was too late at school, the teacher didn't buy my excuse and I failed the exam. It was an examination of my first aid skills. FML
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By  SP63_fml  |  0

Ah, thats BS. Same thing happened to me, only I was late for my job and my boss refused to believe that I just restarted a womans heart and promptly fired me. My advice, get someone from the scene to talk to the teacher on your behalf. If your teacher has enough brains in her head to teach, then she'll let you retake the test.

By  amirn86  |  0

There is definitely going to be documentation that you were there to help, so you should be able to get that proof and show your teacher, and then he/she will feel like a dumbass and you should be golden. Plus the difference you made in the injured woman's life is priceless :)

By  PureGold  |  0

#3 - Yeah, right...what planet is your schools on? There are actually A LOT of schools what would do that. If you miss the exam and don't have a plausible excuse or an absence note, many teachers wouldn't let you make up the test. In this case, I could understand how the explanation would seem so far-fetched the teacher wouldn't believe the OP, especially if he/she (Sam can go either way haha) has any history of making up excuses for things.

OP- Aww!! That sucks :(. Is there any way you can reach the lady again? Or are there any reachable paramedics that can vouch for the fact you were there? lol get a note from one of them or something, and maybe your teacher will let you make up the test. Good luck!!

By  unlucky91  |  0

# 3 obviously hasn't gone to the schools in the 2000's.

I was rushed to the hospital to get my appendix taken out and they didn't count that as an acceptable reason to be absent.

By  monicamischief  |  0

@ 3
what are you talking about? what kind of school do you go to?

at college, teachers would fail your test even if you were in the hospital and had documents to prove it. and they CAN. if you arent' there, they CAN fail you, even if you were injured or something. they don't care. if you aren't there, you aren't there. that's the end of the story.

OP: you should have gone to class anyway. i am sure someone else would have helped.