By Anonymous - United Kingdom - London
Today, on the way out to buy groceries, my boyfriend asked if I'd like him to buy some of my favourite flowers. Happy with his rare show of affection, I said yes. When he returned, he gave me a bag of our usual brand of flour and laughed hysterically in my face. FML
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  tristanisgay  |  7

104- I don't find that dry at all. Most people nowadays would have to sit down and think for hours about something just a little creative. Our world posses dull minds.

  Carmstro  |  13

I'd have liked that joke more than the flowers. Kind of sucks that OP didn't find it funny :(

OP, if you don't feel appreciated in the relationship, get out of it, the only thing you seem to be getting out of it is making it to FML.

  happyllama12  |  5

2- I agree, it's really a funny joke! I don't understand how it's an FML, OP should just laugh about it and ask for real flowers. If OP doesn't appreciate a sense of humor, the she should just break up with him.

  kristabelli  |  19

It's not funny, what is wrong with you people??!? She wanted something meaningful, she thought he was doing something sweet... and instead he mocked her and laughed at her for thinking he would do that for her.

  UberNova  |  18

73- Fucking hell... You need to loosen up, oh no! He didn't do something sweet; instead, he played a small joke. DUUUMMMPPPP HIMM!!
If you are in a secure relationship, you should be able to laugh at this sort of thing. If I did this, my girlfriend would laugh.

  you_failed  |  15

#73 you know what is meaningful? The fact that he went to buy groceries for her. Not a lot of guys go out their way to go grocery shopping for their girlfriend/wife, especially by themselves.

  kristabelli  |  19

Wow. You people really set the bar high. He went to buy groceries "for her" ?? How sweet. He must not eat, then, if he's doing it just for her. MEN can go grocery shopping too, you know!

  IOmnomHard  |  10

I'm inclined to agree with 96. This sounded more like him being rude than funny. Hence, 'laughed in my face', and even if it was supposed to be a joke, it was a dumb/childish one. OP makes it sound like her boyfriend is rarely sweet, so why shouldn't she feel let down? That does NOT mean she has no sense of humor. I for one could care less about flowers, and would probably have more use for a sack of flour honestly, but even so I don't think people should be acting like OP is lucky to have him. You can be funny without being immature...Oh and OP is LUCKY her boyfriend gets groceries? Talk about gender stereotyping. He's a grown man, he can buy groceries without deserving a medal. The bar is really set low for most people, it would seem.

  WhisperSoflty  |  20

I've gotta say, I agree with the people who don't see the humor in this.
If we look at the wording in the FML, we can infer that the OP's bf isn't a very affectionate person, therefore his offer to buy the OP flowers would be an unexpectedly kind thing, which is why she was so excited about it. For him to then hand her a bag of flour and "laugh(ed) hysterically in [her] face" about it sounds tacky to me. Yes, jokes can be made when in a relationship, but this doesn't sound like him making a joke. To me, it sounds like him rubbing in her face how easily he can mess with her, and that he finds her disappointment amusing; two things that should be a red flag in a relationship.

  docscientist  |  9

Context is important and it seems he's neglecting an aspect important to her. But, I'm bothered that the pun doesn't match up. He should've bought more than one brand or type.

  Shrike  |  22

Yeah, sorry guys, my non-existent sister stole my equally non-existent iPod and posted that comment. Sorry.

Alternatively I'm just a dumbass, and I apologize for my stupid comment.

  1215116a  |  14

I'm sorry if this sounds extremely stupid, but this reminds me of that episode of iCarly.

  cgchamp89  |  7

Yeah, I deny sex too when my significant other plays a prank on me... Get a sense of humor. Sick of the "deprive him of sex" comments, as if women don't enjoy sex just as much as men.