By Noguestlist
Today, on the train, a cute girl gave me her number. After maybe half an hour, she went to her seat and I went to the toilet for a quick but loud and painful dump. I opened the door and saw her outside getting bitch-slapped by the smell. FML
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  fthku  |  13

You gotta go, there's a toilet, and apparently OP's trip was quite long. Why not go when you have a very long trip, and a bathroom right there?
However, it shouldn't be that hard to go look for a toilet farther away from her, there isn't just one toilet in the whole train, but still, FYL.

  Zebidee  |  8

I take 8-10 hour train journeys regularly often, and there are ones that can take multiple days. It's quite reasonable to have to use the bathroom when you're on a long distance trip.

...or, were you making a broad, sweeping generalisation about how something isn't possible simply because you haven't experienced it personally?

  lolololwut  |  0

why the fuck would you look around for a bathroom when one is right there. especially whem your accompanied by a chick. im pretty sure you wouldnt go around looking for a bathroom while shes right there. fuckin jackass nerd

  dewoww  |  0

hey man I would have just laugh it off and apologiZe for the smell. when I do that It calms the situation. plus she gave u the number means u the man. everyone takes crap.

By  seahorses4eva  |  4

Maybe she'll see it as a challenge, and be intrigued to show off a repulsive ability of her own.

And if not, at least you gave her a story to tell all of her friends so they can laugh together at your expense. :)