By Noguestlist - 02/03/2011 08:16

Today, on the train, a cute girl gave me her number. After maybe half an hour, she went to her seat and I went to the toilet for a quick but loud and painful dump. I opened the door and saw her outside getting bitch-slapped by the smell. FML
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maybe she's into scat porn

Must've been one long train ride for you.


lol,sucks for you.

cant stand the heat, stay out the ... oh wrong phrase :P

cuz she's not in the kitchen :/

No duh it sucks, it's on fml for a reason

So? It happens. Pooping and all.

maybe she's into scat porn

LOL.... Shame she wasn't waiting to go in. You could have pushed her in and kept for your foot behind the door for the lulz ..

Must've been one long train ride for you.

who takes a shit on a train. you deserve it bro

exactly what I thought.

hey when you gotta go, you gotta go

You gotta go, there's a toilet, and apparently OP's trip was quite long. Why not go when you have a very long trip, and a bathroom right there? However, it shouldn't be that hard to go look for a toilet farther away from her, there isn't just one toilet in the whole train, but still, FYL.

I take 8-10 hour train journeys regularly often, and there are ones that can take multiple days. It's quite reasonable to have to use the bathroom when you're on a long distance trip. ...or, were you making a broad, sweeping generalisation about how something isn't possible simply because you haven't experienced it personally?

why the fuck would you look around for a bathroom when one is right there. especially whem your accompanied by a chick. im pretty sure you wouldnt go around looking for a bathroom while shes right there. fuckin jackass nerd

Obviously she was hovering outside the door for you to give her a surprise in the stall, not for you to bring the party out to her.

Why hi. what's a fine thing like you doing in a place like this?

ya that's for sure

Pshh...if she can stand that, she's a keeper.

hey man I would have just laugh it off and apologiZe for the smell. when I do that It calms the situation. plus she gave u the number means u the man. everyone takes crap.

wooow that hella sucks lmaooo

Maybe she'll see it as a challenge, and be intrigued to show off a repulsive ability of her own. And if not, at least you gave her a story to tell all of her friends so they can laugh together at your expense. :)