By whytoday - 14/05/2011 06:50 - United States

Today, on the first day of my nanny job, I wanted to impress my employers with how trustworthy and responsible I am. During the sixty seconds that I went to pee, the two-year-old found a black Sharpie and scribbled all over the wall. Nail polish remover made it ten times worse. FML
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you take 60 seconds to pee XD

use the mr. clean magic eraser extra strength! works like a charm lol.


first... thumbs down

blame it on the Jesus juice!

WTF? relevance?

At # 2: What?!? WTF are you talking about.

MfailK 0

I love taxidermy.

Shafreeka 8

What the Hell are you talking about?

thtsuxs 0

white tooth paste cleans up sharpie mark....not the gel kind the paste one

Ohhhhhh, I get it! You mean the...... I don't get it.

FuniiBunii 0

#2 sorry but no one speaks stupid here , so we don't get it.

you take 60 seconds to pee XD

It says so right there! Yes he or she takes sixty seconds to piss!

imcheerish 0

I think what he means is sixty second is a long time to pee.

it must be a girl they take forever to do anything

Flutist 3

Uh, it said nanny. So yes, I would take it to be that it is a girl caregiver.

oboewhore_xD 6

Guys can't be nannies?

FreebirdIII 1

Includes time to wash hands. it is part of the process, or should be.

108- Guy nannies are called mannies.

Felix_Felicis15 8

I think a male nanny is either called a nanny or a babysitter.

time to repaint the walls. my little sister drew a lion with crayon on the wall in the hallway. my dad wasn't to happy...

Sharpies are Effing awesome!!! :D

sarahxD1234 5

MR CLEAN ! it works.

idk bout that, but some goof off would too.

Yup, the heavy duty Magic Eraser has saved my butt more than a few times.

kiran_fml 5

ethanol works too, I just don't know where to get it from...

Always when you're not looking...

its called capitalising on opportunities..... damn the two year old is smart!!!!

I didn't think that would take the paint off??

use the mr. clean magic eraser extra strength! works like a charm lol.

guckylynn 19

Yeah I was wondering why a nanny doesn't know that trick.

I was gonna say the same thing!

CrackerJack127 3

true that. :)

As does sunscreen.

say you where just encouraging the babies artistic talents? :S

nucky_fml 5

If all else fails, blame it on the one armed man. Or just sleep with your boss...

wow. lol. Annoying child!