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Today, on the bus, a little boy gave me the dirtiest look, pointed at my pregnant stomach, and menacingly said, "I know what you did." FML
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You're the bastard who took the cookie from the cookie jar!!

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Should'ave told him you eat mean kids who annoy you on the bus.


You're the bastard who took the cookie from the cookie jar!!

That kid got the sex talk too young. Honesty is not always the best policy. Storks until age seven is my advice...

Actually, a common theme, ESPECIALLY, on FML, is children under the impression that pregnant mothers eat the baby, thus it ending up inside the stomach.

I am a pre-k teacher at a day care, and one day a child was drawing a picture of me. My co-teacher told the child not to forget the baby in my tummy, and the child, with the most serious expression, said, "Why? Did she eat it?" and went right back to coloring. Kids come up with crazy shit. It's best to let their little imaginations run (unless the idea gives them serious distress).

Well #46 the logic behind it is, food goes to your stomach when you eat, kids assume you ate the baby because you said it's in your tummy. Granted it's probably best that they don't know the birds and bees especially in pre-K.

#28 I say 'til age nine; that's when I got the talk

I never got the talk either. I figured it out myself. I don't quite remember how though...

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59- I'm 25 and best I got was don't do it. I had to learn that shit myself.

My mom told me that if I took a bath with a boy, and sat on opposite sides of the tub--I will still get pregnant! For years I refused to go to the local swimming pool. My dad's only one time sex talk was during a baseball commercial. He turned to me and said, "If you plan to have sex, it will be wise to be on the pill". Then continue to watch the game in silence.

I resent your choice of epithet, sir.

definetly. his cookie jar. as a personal insult

#28 It is not always the best idea to keep things from your kids. If they start asking you questions and they don't get the answer they will go to another source and that's when you run into trouble. Kids are smart and can handle more than we think. Lying to them can ruin your relationship at any age.

when I was 4 I asked and my parents said it happened when you slept in the same bed with a boy. for a while after that I was scared I would get pregnant when I was in my brothers bed with my dad reading us a bedtime story! theres no harm in telling a child that the baby is made inside the tummy but they dont need to know how. they find out on their own anyway. I never had a talk but knew by the 1st grade from the kids at school that it happened from a boy and a girl putting their rude parts together. it made a lot of sense to me actually. kids dont need to know the gory details

Apparently I didn't get the talk right, because I thought the "thing" that goes in the "thing" just stays there. That's what I thought for a while. I pretty much had already figured out what happens previously though.

#68- My mom told me a similar thing. The difference was that if I slept in the same bed as a guy, I could get pregnant, even without being naked! Sadly, my health teacher in high school burst out laughing with the entire class before telling me that my mom lied. My mom only smirked when I told her.

Or maybe he thinks she ate a child lol when I was pregnant I met a kid who thought that's what I did.

Why did his parents tell him how to have babies

Because they don't want an ignorant child, as they're supposed to be raising a successful adult. Why wouldn't someone teach their kids about the life cycle?

why not? someone needs to teach children about sex ed, might as well be the parents.

Maybe he walked in on his parents doing the dirty and explanations were needed....

my nephew was 6 going on 7 when I was pregnant with my daughter. he has asked where babies come from. his dad explain it to him. well in way he would understand and so he wont get in trouble at school if he told a friend

If people can stop submitting and moderating FMLs that are weak like this one and not even an FML, that'd be great.

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Should'ave told him you eat mean kids who annoy you on the bus.

Like in a past FML, maybe the boy thought that OP ate a baby.

Maybe he thinks pregnant people ate the child?