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By  yeyeboys  |  20

Ya, just as soon as he gets a job and you two get married.

  Danne696  |  14

Yea, a friend of mine works at a bank and had to reject a clients request for a credit card since the client was unemployed. He was living of the interest the bank was paying him for keeping his money.

  thes7274473  |  19

That's rather offensive, objectifying men like that! Had the genders been flipped and it said "pussy hunt," there would be bombardments of angry feminism comments.

  waroftheroses  |  16

um #76 did you not realise OP's name is 'back to Cock-Hunting' and #7 was merely wondering what it was stated at. Also op is gay/bi so....Pretty sure there would be no 'pussy hunt' involved. Didn't see it as a sexest dig at men.