By slipperyhands - 15/08/2009 07:50 - United States

Today, on my wedding day, when they said "you may kiss the bride", I swung my wife over in the romantic fashion and went in for the kiss. Unfortunately my hands were sweaty as I was nervous and she slipped under my grip. She fell and was knocked unconscious in front of hundreds of people. FML
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If someone recorded it, PUT IT ON YOUTUBE!!!


100-1 I bet. This is actually a funny FML for once.

Depends on the person, some people get really sweaty hands when nervous. It can get pretty bad and disgusting.

hahaha something to remember your wedding by.

yeah, good thing too 'cause his wife won't remember too much. lol

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If someone recorded it, PUT IT ON YOUTUBE!!!

Yes. Video or it didn't happen. Seriously, people film weddings. If it's true, there MUST be a video.

also take #4s face off the Internet, it scares kids...

Isn't this an almost verbatim retelling of another FMyLife from the man's point-of-view?

LMAO. i agree, put it on youtube ;D dont worry, i'm sure you'll both laugh about it in the near future if you arn't already now

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lmfao the audience will either think she's fat or your weak

lol wow that sucks! well like a year from now, you can look at it and both laugh

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i read a similar one from the brides point of view...that would be really funny if you guys posted the same story here and didnt know

Bad news if she regains consciousness, develops amnesia, doesn't remember getting married and you have to do it all over again! Plus side: you might remember to wipe your sweaty paws first!

This will be a great story to tell your kids