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Well now someone else has to dodge two dead ones

Well your just on a roll


Well your just on a roll

That's why you just drive on through regardless. How many people do you hear getting into accidents because they ran over a dead animal than otherwise.

Haha animal killer

What If it were a moose or deer? :O

Gotta love irony

its actually safer to drive through because it less likely to lose control of the vehical...if you slam on the brakes its a hell of a lot more dangrous

Sounds like a feast! BBQ anyone?

Aww man you could've gone two-for-two and hit both...oh well...

Wow, that sucks. I hope your car's okay and not too nasty! Also, 1- you're* (:

52- I'll make it! :). Anyways this one time I hit a massive skunk and my car stank for weeks :/

Other people might've just seen you attempt (successfully) to hit the live one.

I see what you did there #1.

I was waiting for someone to say that 83 lol

That's just the most epic/ironic fail I've ever heard of.

Reality hits u hard bro

Well now someone else has to dodge two dead ones

But what if they try, but accidentally hit a third one? Inception?

Wow. Is it just me or have there been like 10 similar FMLs to this one in the past few months ?

61 so you're saying that people don't hit animals on the road every few months?

If you can dodge a dead one, you can dodge 2.

And what if the one after that comes and needs to dodge 4 of them? ... Ok this is getting it to far and over doing a joke makes it not funny

My little brother was on his bike and rode over a dead rabbit... It's guts exploded... & 60 your so pretty and skinny& I'm so jealous of you!:(

And tanned! fml...

Now the next car has to avoid hitting two dead animals lol

This is starting to look like some brutal game of frogger that involves all kinds of forest critters.

Well, you tried. At least you feel bad about it. Some people hit animals for sport. FYL

D: That's terrible!

I do it as a sport

You're a redneck though. You have nothing better nor more intelligent to do.

not true my neighbor's a redneck and he shoots bill collectors as they walk up the sidewalk to my house for me.

That's the redneck code of honor flockz. If they don't pay bills, their neighbors shouldn't either.

That's me, I do that all the time

ya one of those people are my dad /:

75, does that explain all the damage on the front end of your vehicle?

It is hunting for the people who cant shoot.

Well i mean......i can call them something else besides bitches.

Yeah hitting an animal on the road definitly makes you awsome.

I just like this because in my head I hear Seth Rogan saying it :)

honestly, i will always ydi people who swerve to hit a cat and end up hitting something else

It says a dead animal. It could have been a deer, bear, large wild cat, moose, coyote, etc. I recently swerved to avoid a very large deer because I didn't want my car or person to get pwnt.

yes YDI for not wanting to fuck up your car

Pull over, gut the deer and place on roof of car. Drive home and enjoy....

No, but OP deserves it for not looking at where he was swerving. "I know I ran over that child officer, but if I hit that deer the damage to my car would have been significantly more expensive to fix.

Well you need to pay attention to all of the road...

Operative word *all*

Yea that was the point

Awww! Did you kill the animal that was alive?

Did you read the post?

No... That's my answer to your profile picture

You are hot!!!

Well it would be kinda hard to kill the animal that was already dead...

Don't worry hon, it's in a better place.

fyl for being fucking retarded...

#14 - while it's a fair enough assumption that the OP did kill the animal that was alive, he doesn't actually say that. So the question is valid.

Did you read the post?? OP didn't specify if he/she killed the animal that was alive.

Nope, turns out it was never alive, stuffed animal. Here's your sign... Dumbass.

He ran over an u think he just broke it's fucking leg?

Depens on what kind of animal it was. If it was a dog then it could only have gotten a broke leg, but if it was a squirrel then obviously it's dead.

Well... it could be worse.

Op could of hit a large animal and totaled their car, possibly ended up in the hospital. That would be worse than hitting a small animal.

OP Could have hit a cop...

Tell the truth, you just didn't want your rims all messed up by dead animal guts so you swerved. Now somewhere, a creepy taxidermist's senses are tingling... He's on his way. Thanks to you.

Nope. Chuck Testa.

Look on the bright side. You won't have to pay for dinner tonight. ;D