By titillating - 12/03/2012 04:28 - United States

Today, on my way to work, I had to squeeze by a man sitting in a large truck parked next to my car. I was in a bit of a hurry and in my rush the collar of my shirt got caught on his grill. My shirt ripped and I flashed the guy my entire boob. FML
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The collar of your shirt got caught in his grill?Where you checking your teeth in his headlights?

Pic or it didn't happen


Y U NO WEAR BRA? Lolcatzz xoxo im sorry to hear some weirdo saw ur boob but next time wear a bra honey!!

OH MY GOD!! That cat in your pic!

OHMYGOD!! your English!

What's wrong with his English exactly?

14 How dare you call pikachu a cat. That's extremely discriminating to their species.

"Lolcatzz" ugh.

because no one wants to paint a mouse yellow

Who says the guy's a weirdo? He just some normal guy. You're a fucking illiterate piece of doodle pie.

Illiterate piece of doodle pie?

Lolcatz? That is not even the correct meme.

It actually don't sound to bad. Recipe ideas

first, the correct term would be lolpikazz. second, WTH is doodle pie? if it tastes good, GET ME A SLICE!

Wow that sounds terrible! Sorry! :(

No shit, that's why it's posted on FML.


The collar of your shirt got caught in his grill?Where you checking your teeth in his headlights?

She's probably just short

Or he has an enormously large truck.

Or She could be the enormously large one.

Well it was definitely a "FTW" for that guy in the truck. Too bad it's a "FML" for you though...

I didn't even notice 110. Thank you.

She checked her teeth in his headlights, and in the end he checked her headlights out

Boner. Nuff said.

I wish I was there :(

Creep. Get a girl and you can do that all you want

I know what is OP was an ugly or fat chick wouldn't wana see that man take a joke I've probably seen more tits and got more pussy than you and hot girlstoo

Wtf you don't even know if she's you're age or even cute

Boobs are boobs.

130 she can't be younger than 16 and cover the face do the base 138 my point exactly unless old and saggy

Just how large was this truck?!

More importantly, how large was the boob?

I disagree. I like to get a good test run in before I make decision on the product.

Depends, for who?

Something like that happens to all of us dw OP your not alone

I've never had my chest flashed to someone unless I did it myself. What the hell is wrong with you?!

He parked there on purpose! Haha

How would he know that was going to happen?

For $50 I'll rig up your truck to do the same. There is good money in it!!

Pic or it didn't happen

I agree. Need a pic.

Agreed, i might be doubting this situation.

Pics* preferably.

Y U NO GIVE PICS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

In my head : sexy lady with nice boobage. In reality : You are probably a fat chick.

Reality: You are single and never passed the second grade because you use words like "boobage". In my head: Pretty much the same... Except you occassionally go "OMG boobies!!!!!!! *motorboat*" when you see a pair on tv.

Or paying for it...

Yeah ^ if she's fatter they will be bigger

^ Yeah, but then they get all dangly :(

Bigger is not always better.. Specially in this case

Sorry 15, but the overweight women are making accounts to thumb you down. And to all of those people that say "everyone is beautiful," shut the f*** up. Not everybody is aesthetically pleasing so stop f***ing saying it. 22- and using words such as "boobage" doesn't make a person unintelligent. I'm in the 11th grade, recently scored a 2210 on my SAT, and I love boobage. There, I said it. 28- there is a lot wrong with fat people. They use up resources and generally drain public healthcare by getting diabetes. They are fatuous (see what I did there) and smell bad.

114 - You might have smarts, but you DON'T have tact.

• A 2009 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with RTI International (a nonprofit research group), found that the direct and indirect cost of obesity "is as high as $147 billion annually." The study was based on figures collected in 2006. • The study found that in 2006, obese patients spent an average of $1,429 more for their medical care than did people within a normal weight range. That is a 42 percent higher cost for people who are obese. I'm not being an asshole, I'm being real. There is a difference.

128- Let's see you pull up statistics to prove that they all smell bad, then I'll be impressed.

Not all obese people sweat more than all thin people. Each of us reacts to our environment uniquely. However, there is a medical basis for the finding that more obese people sweat more than their thinner counterparts. It's a simple question of physics. Thin people have less volume inside their bodies, so they have a relatively larger surface area compared to body volume. Obese people have a relatively larger body volume compared to surface area. Therefore, what seems to be the "extra" sweating is just a way that bodies of more voluminous people get rid of unneeded body heat than those with less volume. Source(s): I'm a physician with over 20 years clinical practice. Increased sweat = smell. They don't ALL smell bad, but generally speaking, obese people have a bad smell. Impressed?

114- I'm diabetic and I'm not fat at all. I find that offensive.

160- The diabetes must be draining your intelligence because I was talking about the overweight people who contract diabetes later in life as a result of over eating and high intake of sugar. And the fact that you are offended just makes you a bitch.

114- I partially agree with you... but, then again in the one comment you said you were in 11th grade. Then in another post you said you were a physician with 20 years of clinical practice but, if you're in 11th grade you shouldn't even be 20 years old. Why lie?

It was a quote from Yahoo answers. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I'm gonna go ahead and thumbs up this comment. Let the neg rep come!

Holy crap! That chick from the jersey shore just got pwnwdahajslcldb!

We already acknowledged that this situation would be terrible for dispute what the observer felt. Considering utilitarian view, not only had she been thinner would she have most likely lived a healthier lifestyle, but the dude could've had a rather interesting highlight of his day despite her shame. Considering the opposite, if she had been overweight, she would most likely yield a higher probability for various poor health conditions on top of her humiliation, not to mention atop that, the man probably didn't even feel remotely aroused. In terms of happiness, thin wins 1 > 0.