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Today, on my way to my therapist, my father told me to lie to her and tell her that I'm happy so he doesn't have to drive me in anymore. FML
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If you're going to lie to your therapist then there's no point in going in the first place. You're dad is selfish, he should want you to get better.

Tell your dad that he needs some heart therapy, because he's lacking a heart.

11, this case is extreme OP's dad nay need a heart transplant!

#10 - YOUR dad is selfish. Not you're dad is selfish, otherwise you'd be saying 'you are dad is selfish'. My god people, learn the difference.

Au contraire, I think he needs a heart plant.

SecretMe00 5

I actually know the difference between your and you're... I was just texting fast but thank you.

Well, that's excellent parenting right there.

Well, I've found the source of your problems!

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Took me $55 to fill up yesterday when it used to only take me $35-40. Makes me wonder what the prices will be like when I'm 40.

$55 is crazy, in Australia it costs me about $45. Jen, out of curiosity can a 16 year old have their open license in the US?

You think thats crazy here in west sydney it cost me $97 to fill up the commy last time. Its a f***ing joke

Yes. And in some circumstances they can get it when 14 or 15

nofearjenshere 12

97- Yes, in my state (Ohio) you can have your temporary permit by 15 and a half. And by 16, with drivers Ed, you can have your license (with some restrictions). I'm still 16 but I've had my license for almost a year now. Now I'm curious as to how old you have to be to get your license in Australia. Haha.

Thanks for the reply Jen, I was 16 when I got my learners permit. But it has since changed now you must hold your learners for a year and complete 100hours of logged driving with a licensed driver.

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No problem! And wow, that's a lot stricter than it is here! I would hate that :b

just go talk to your pillow. it won't judge you, it will love you.

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Nothing like a little pillow talk.

exactly! best therapy you'll ever get

it is a very enlightening experience...

Don't do it. Tell the truth. If you lie, you only open yourself up for more issues later on

Well now I look like a Douchebag. Ignore the comment, the original reply got deleted.

Sorry to hear that, OP. Is there someone else who can take you? If I were you, I'd be so disgusted with my dad that I wouldn't even *want* him to drive me any more.

Hey, halibot. mashimashi is nowhere near of being a drama queen. I agree with her. If someone is not going to help you and take you to anything that helps you(like therapy), don't bother asking them again for a while.

hailbot is entitled to his/her own opinion, just as I'm entitled to mine. He/she does just seem to be trolling, though, so whatever. Anyway, thanks, #47 and #62. And #47, that is exactly what I meant. Why rely on someone who has shown such a blatant disregard for your feelings and well-being? And especially when that someone is your own father, a person who is supposed to care for you unconditionally (which yes, I know sometimes doesn't happen in the real world). I can only imagine the hurt, confusion, and anger. I hope the OP's father either comes to his senses ASAP, or the OP finds someone else to lean on for a while.

Find your own way there if you can. My dad was the same, so I took the bus and metro there. Take charge OP!