By Anonymous - 9/6/2011 23:23 - United States
Today, on my way home from work, I decided to bring my pregnant wife a bouquet of roses to surprise her. Her response? "Why didn't you get me something useful, like chicken wings, instead?" FML
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  Randuhh_17  |  4

don't take it personally. like 13, she liable to be grouchy due to pregnancy..hormones are raging...and she is eating for two...

but atleast you know what to get for next time!

  Bloodberry  |  0

just for the record, not all pregnant women act the same and have mood swings. Each woman is different, so I suggest you not to think all women will act the same as your fiancé.


Cravings are common in pregnant women all theyy want is food she is eating for two after all and she cant eat flowers (well i mean she could but thats only if all the food on Earth disappeared suddenly)

By  182crazyking  |  9

you married her. You should know if she likes sentimental gifts or not.

  dreamering  |  16

Your kids dad?
Is that a new term, so cool xoxo and so hot, for husband?

If not than try "nuclear" or "suicidal" sauce on your wings next time you're pregnant.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Why would you say "funny, he would"? I think it's common for a guy, now a day to go out of his way to please the lady carrying his child. It seemed as if he really cared about making you happy during those days/months.(:


273, it may have been ridiculous, now that she looks back on it. At the time, she just wanted the damn hot sauce. I'm pretty sure she wasn't thinking "hmm, I'm just gonna think up some stupid, ridiculous task for my kids father, just to see if he will do it so I can ridicule him on fml."

Stop being a douche, & actually THINK about things.

  writergirl23  |  19

I'm almost 34 weeks with our first son :) he loves milk so we end up going through five litres of milk on a good week :P when I was 9 and 10 weeks I got milk cravings so bad that whenever I wasn't skulling it down, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I found out after that that's when they form their bones :) needless to say, my little baby is strong! :P


Eh, sorry you're getting so many mean replies on that comment. It's not like you really meant anything by it. I think its hilarious when people blow up over things like this. I mean, to all the people that replied: why? there is no reason to beat up on him for such a light-hearted remark. I don't think he was actually calling her vicious or evil. Seriously. You people act as if he's being majorly vindictive.

  sourgirl101  |  28

I craved jujubes, green olives (unpitted), and Nova with cream cheese, when I was pregnant. And I would cry at a drop of a hat! I really couldn't help my mood swings.

  sourgirl101  |  28

88 if you think pregnancy hormones are bad, wait until she has the baby and is sleep deprived. Be very afraid! I'm kidding, Congrats! You are going to be shocked with how in love you are going to be with your baby.

  ashheath17  |  0

as long as you care for her and get her what she asked you'll be fine lol and not all women get like that it just depends on the girl my step mom was pretty calm when she was pregnant and didn't crave anything weird lol

  DesB  |  7

I had a bunch of weird cravings like pickles n ice cream, peanut butter n watermelon, ranch an watermelon, chips an ice cream, chocolate n chicken, chocolate an ranch, and one of my weirdest was cheesecake an ranch...idk what I was thinking when I was pregnant xp


lol sourgirl my first pregnancy I craved beer and sushi. I hate beer haha
second pregnancy I craved random things...pickles were one but I've Always liked pickles *insert pickle jokes here*

this time im craving different salads
pasta salad, a good macaroni salad, mixed green/spinach salad
ice berg lettuce with ranch dressing. lol


DesB...those are some nasty cravings haha

the weirdest thing I craved was probably pickles dipped in ranch dressing or a pickle/ranch dressing sandwich

oh ya
raw beef.
every time I cook hamburgers or steaks I wanna eat it raw. o___o

  MellyLuck1484  |  7

yes, you knocked her up, so anything sweet you do for the following 9 months are "to be expected" and thus "null and void". However all screwups or even slightly non-psychic moments you have count tripple.