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  claireful  |  4

Why would people dislike this comment? I literally laughed out loud. I mean it really does suck that a stupid tramp is going to show up on her facebook page, but you gotta love the irony. It's pretty much the whole point of FML...


actually , I'm "acting this way" for neither of those reasons. I didn't understand this FML at first because I didn't read it properly and I just couldn't comprehend it considering the way it was written. So honestly , you people need to stop bagging on me. it was an honest mistake.

  dezinspaaace  |  0

how in the world is this confusing? idk what planet you are living on, but it made perfectly good sense to me and just about 99.9% of us. i take it that you are really young or just that dumb.

  JennaMarie420  |  2

Get off her back. Seriously, your life is pathetic if you have to cut someone down that you've never even met on a website. What are we in high school? Grow the fuck up.