By Coykoi - 16/05/2012 14:19 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, not only did my boyfriend set my hair on fire, but he attempted to put it out by dumping bong water on my head. FML
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Finally a good use for the bong water

Yeah Dyer18, because everyone wants kids. Note sarcasm.


Finally a good use for the bong water

He's a very smart man. Note sarcasm. Is this really the man you want to possibly father your children?

hahauRrcool 0

You can also drink it, however the medicinal purposes are not as useful as it sounds.

Yeah Dyer18, because everyone wants kids. Note sarcasm.

Wow I can see why you love him so much...

MizzErikaHart 8

Sounds like ops bf has good stoner reflexes. If your hair is on fire wouldnt you want him to get the nearest non combustible liquid.

#12 Bong water tastes like smelly green shit.

siranthony87 5

Tell me about it

K_kanaka 26

Well... Your not dead at least. I guess that's the good news.

I'm sure if he didn't attempt to put it out with bong water we would be hearing the same FML with a different ending. "Today, not only did my boyfriend set my hair on fire, he just sat there and looked at me after he did it. FML"

pinky78711 5

How dose she deserve this MAN some people on FML can be cruel

TheBonzaiGirl 0

I hate when this happens!

itsame0987 18

Sounds exactly like the scene from Dead Man on Campus

PandaPandamoneum 0

Aww... Now you dont get to make him drink it

TrollisMe 5

Stoner? Surprised he didn't just sit there, stare at the fire and say, "Duuuudeeee...."

Vociferouslife 4

Damn y'all musta been blowin some good stuff!

somerandomdude19 2

He's a keeper!

somerandomdude19 2

He's a keeper!

Alwayspullout 7

They both sound like winners...

If I had a nickle for every dumbass who posted that stupid comment, I'd be a ******* billionaire.

If I had a nickel for everyone who commented on a comment I would be a bazillionare. 5¢ Please.

If I had a nickel for everytime someone called me a dumbass, I'd have $12.48



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Love hurts

olpally 32

Love burns...Your boyfriend is officially a dumbass op... :( fyl indeed

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Fire and bongs... I wouldn't say that OP's boyfriend is dumbass, but would assume he was stoned out of his mind. At least he did something.

DollyDope 17

And stinks

Only in canada?

Oh my! A human hooka!

martinv19 6

At least you can put some new water in your bong!

Whoop whoop! Thank god her hair was set on fire or we could never change the bog water.

Or add ice for smother hits.

Hey, at least he tried to put it out, but your boyfriend sounds like an idiot.

Accidents never happen, and they are never ever tolerated...

KiwiKitten 2

Well isn't he just a sweetheart ;)

Well, at least he tried...

Can't complain that he never notices your hair now

"Did you do something with your hair?" "YOU SET IT ON FIRE, BASTARD!" "No wonder it smells good!"

smydiwannafthata 5

What? Bong water cannot put off fire? Why did he set your hair on fire? To light a joint?

I'd assume it was to light the bong. Maybe her hair was dangling down or something

What do you mean bong water can't put out fire? Bong water is just normal water with weed resin in it if it's been used. It can put a fire out.

145 I'm stealing your picture. Just thought I'd let you know.