By dabull - 27/04/2013 05:02 - United States

Today, nobody wants to hang out with me due to a nasty rumor that my ex has spread. No one will tell me what was said, because I apparently "know full well" what I did. FML
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Don't act like you don't know what you did.

People can be so freaking immature


People can be so freaking immature

Being immature is just a part of human nature. They'll have to grow up eventually. Everything will solve itself in time.

You say that but you don't know what OP did. It's absolutely disgusting

Reminds me of what happened to my friend his girlfriend had a kid and insisted that he be more like husband material rather than just a fling her daughter got scissors when she was supposed to be bathing and cut her hair she insisted that he watch her she comes home from work and he's sitting on the toilet reading a comic book while the kids in the tub she then insists no you have to bathe her so she does and she then files a report that he molested her daughter And what got him was that he just used a bar of soap if he had a rag between his hand and the child then he would've been acquitted so it's because of that little fluke he was found guilty and is now a registered sex offender the rest of his life even though I would trust him with both of my daughters without a second thought its sick how people don't think about the consequences of their actions ...

Who needs them! Karma is a psycho bitch and will kick them in the nuts don't worry

Rumors are tons of bull shit. l: People have to stop believing everything that they hear.

It's sick that the laws are that way. And I'll say it again if he was a murderer then he wouldn't have that tag on him the rest of his life. I still don't understand why when a person gets put on death row that we have to pay to take care of him for years at around 60,000$ a year not to mention the college they get and health and dental. I can't even afford to go to the dr or have three meals a day

#75 it must have been sad but I couldn't understand it one bit, just knowing that he got wrongly convicted of being a sex offender. In the future, please, use some punctuation.

75 punctuation pls. I can't understand you

Don't act like you don't know what you did.

Nice friends you have there, OP.

he doesnt know what he did

It was a joke #70

If they were true friends they'd tell you what he said so you could explain if it was true or not

*she (Assuming its a girl)

@3 op is a male, so its what she said

36 - Why? The ex's gender isn't specified.

Well, considering the fact that the majority of people are heterosexual, and the fact that OP is a man, the ex is most likely female, so it's not unreasonable to assume that the ex is female, even though there's definitely a possibility that the ex is male.

48 - I'm aware of that, yes. I was just pointing out that 36 had nothing to support his assertion that the ex is a woman.

A way to stop rumors: ask them if they really believe your ex over you, who you've known for a long time. If not, then they're not really your friends.

I agree. if your ex started the rumor why would your "friends" still believe him/her? that makes a lot of sense.

Because the friends may be not know the ex started the rumor. Once a rumor gets going, there's really no telling who started it. Though they are being crappy friends, they aren't believing the boyfriend over her.

82, idiot. "May be not know"? Why the hell is that "be" there? I bet you're gonna blame the fact that you're on your iPod, aren't you?

I guess if the ex said he was two faced and did x/y/z to her while they were alone and was convincing it could be easy to believe the lies told ;<

Bullying at it's best.

He's your ex, which means he cut ties with you, so he has absolutely no right to spread nasty rumors about you at all, or meddle. Period.

Didnt read anything about OP being gay... Look at OP's gender before you comment.

The OP is male but the FML doesn't state which gender the ex is.

#16 & #18 - I was on the mobile version and it doesn't specify the gender. I had assumed OP was female, but for all we know OP could be gay or just straight (or bisexual - *why not both?*)

I'm on mobile and it shows gender for me, am I behind on updates or something?

I'll give oj101 the benefit of the doubt and say that the app is probably different on some phones. For example, on the iPhone, apparently the app won't allow users to thumb up or down comments that are too long. On my Android, I can thumb up or down comments of any length, but I can't see the FML's location. Also, if he's not using an app but is using the mobile Web site, I know for a fact that doesn't show the OP's gender because I used to use it myself.

^^ I'm on an iPhone, and I can thumb comments of any length and see the location of the FML... Are you sure your facts are right?

So if they were still together that would give the ex the right to spread nasty rumors?

51, I only know what iPhone users have told me. The iPhone app may have had an update that fixed the problem since then, or those iPhone users just didn't know what they were doing.

On the iPhone, you could thumbs up or down only if it fits the screen. It is allowed, but not always possible.

To clarify, 51 and 56 are both correct (sort of). It depends on which FML app you're using. On the old one, which will no longer be receiving any updates to the app itself, when on an iPhone, you could/can only like a comment that fits in the screen. However, in recent months, FML released a newer app, and this is no longer an issue. You're welcome.

22 Said "mobile version". I am inclined to believe that the mobile version of the website is meant. It's what I use too. I can't see the name or gender of the OP, thumb comments, like FMLs or engage in any activity other than commenting (although the number of letters is very limited.)

who uses iPhone anyway?

your friends suck

those people who believed your ex obviously aren't you're real friends.

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You know full well what the OP did!

I heard that OP stole the cookie from the cookie jar. You didn't hear it from me.

Nobody needs negative people around anyway. I obviously mean OP's friends.