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  Xcizer  |  17

Their father is clearly not the problem here. If they're going to miss OP's graduation over something as stupid as their own father attending they should be ashamed.

By  runswithlions  |  3

I think I need a bit more info OP. I can't find a sense of understanding of the full situation. What's going on with your dad? Is it a safety issure or just simple pettiness and bad blood? In either situations FYL that you're in the middle of this. Unfortunately if its a safety thing then it's somewhat understandable but you can also try to make some arrangements in hope of a compromise where they can both be around each other and feel safe. If it's bad blood then that's selfish of every single person not coming or putting important milestones like this first. Definitely FYL though :(

By  Lost_Gurl  |  7

I had a similar problem, my parents are divorce and my dad hates being anywhere near my mom (even though he was at fault for the divorce). In the end my dad didn't come to my graduation dinner,but he did make it to graduation. He just sat on the other side of the place, away from my mom. I guess just try to separate both parties and tell them that they need to get over their personal grudges at least for one day for your important, one time event.