By Punphmelch - Australia - Adelaide
Today, no matter how many toys and teddies she has, and no matter how much I punish her, I am most likely never going to be able to break my 10-week-old puppy's habit of stealing my underwear. She doesn't eat them or even chew on them. She steals them to sleep with. FML
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  littlem91  |  29

Or more seriously, wear or sleep with an old jumper or a blanket for a few days and give her. She's a baby, your smell is comforting to her. I think you need to consider that you're punishing her for wanting to feel safe :(

  anon_e_m00se  |  8

#90 - exactly.

OP - The puppy is telling you it wants something that smells strongly like you (or like the part of you a dog focuses on as "your scent" -- something near your butt&crotch). Figure out how to get your scent, strongly, onto something you're willing to let her sleep with.

For example, work out with a tea towel down there ... so you sweat all over it. Or, if you don't work out, go for a long enough walk that you're sweating down there, while having the tea towel down there. Then see if she loves the tea towel and will sleep with it.

Though, it may be that a workout shirt or sports bra, freshly after working out, and then hang-dried out, will be a strong enough scent that she'll settle for that. But if that doesn't work, try the tea towel idea. or a cloth table-napkin (even less bulky and uncomfortable for you than a tea towel, but more likely to eventually get shredded by her).

But... what is even MORE IMPORTANT than this:
Learn how to communicate with your dog. I don't mean talking, I mean -- dogs are actually rather clear about what they want, most of the time. The problem isn't the dog, the problem is almost always the owner not paying attention to the dog's signals. Go to obedience school with the puppy (obedience school is actually more about teaching the owner than the dog), and things will improve a lot. Read a few books about dog behavior, and they'll improve even more. But, mainly, just learn how to understand your dog, instead of punishing it for reasonable behaviors.

  jet_life  |  3

#107 slow your role... That towel idea is nasty and unnecessary. same with the whole sweat part, it's just not needed. a simple thoroughly worn old t shirt will suffice. you don't have to sweat in it, just wear it for a few days as an undershirt or just a shirt you wear at home then after a few days give it to your dog to sleep with or whatever and it should be more comfortable. I did the same thing with my dog when we first got him and my friend did the same when he got his dog and it worked pretty good for the both of us. she just wants to feel close to her mommy so she's finding a recognisable scent.

  CelticSkye  |  13

#107 - I think the reason #90 suggested giving the puppy something that had the scent of the OP's privates is because the puppy is going after and being comforted by OP's worn panties. This is the scent the puppy is attracted to. If the pup just wanted something that didn't have the scent from OPs privates, it would have gone after something else to sleep with.

  amisenho  |  11

Even better; give the puppy you old undies, go on a shopping spree, and get new ones. You can afford a new puppy and lots of toys; you can probably afford new undies (and the puppy probably won't want to steal them as your scent hasn't caught on to the new fabric yet).

  whiskeey  |  14

That's easier said than done. My puppy loves to chew the crotch out of all my pants & underwear. She has amazed me at the lengths she goes to trying to get ahold of them.

  amisenho  |  11

Indeed. It works on cats, too. My boyfriend's cat wouldn't pay attention to any toys he bought for her, but I brought home an old shopping bag and some toilet paper rolls one day, and she was as rambunctious as a playful kitten. Now, all she plays with are toilet paper rolls, paper bags, lasers, and string.