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Exactly. Being single vs being in a relationship is NOT a measure of self-worth. This notion that being in a relationship will magically fix everything and make everything in life so much more awesome simply is not true. In fact it's the opposite, once the "butterflies in your tummy" phase is over with, a relationship means everything you do may or may not be more complicated. We have to stop seeing being single as an inherently negative trait.

  shepp626  |  11

Why assume #34 is single? If anything being married has made me agree with her even more. It does complicate things, and can make you absolutely miserable. Pressuring people into relationships isn't making anyone's lives better.


I've been married to my husband for 3 years and with him for 8 years, so no, I am definitely not single ;) but I have single friends and one of them is a very sexy and confident gal that I admire for her attitude towards the single life. Another is a guy who has never had a girlfriend and just wishes more than anything to have one. So I have seen both sides of the coin and I have seen the negative effects our society can have on a single person by glorifying being in a relationship as if it's every person's ultimate goal in life. (And I know it sounds tempting to hook them up but it will never work, he's terrified of snakes and she has a bunch!)