By Pk45 - United Kingdom
Today, my young son wanted to rent some movie with talking animals in it for us to watch together. I couldn't say no, but talking animal movies freak me out big time, I either start to cry or feel nauseous. Especially ones with dogs. What is wrong with me? FML
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By  JiggyBoo123  |  11

You don't like WINNING.
(Charlie Sheen was in "All Dogs go to Heaven." Look it up.)

  benderbot19  |  0

I don't want to look it up. I want first commenters to have something funny or intelligent to say, otherwise stop rushing to be first. WINNING is not funny anymore. Never really was...

  Jiplo  |  18

not good. Ferbies are creepy enough when they work correctly, so just imagine what it would be like for a Ferbie to glitch out and screech at you. As a kid.

  Raivyn_Grimm  |  9

I have to admit... If I got a job making furbees (as ridiculous as that may be), I would make one single furbee that every twenty or so sayings would say something creepy... like "Let's see how long you can hold your breath! Do you have any plastic bags?" or some such thing. Okay, maybe not one single furbee. But just a few. Am I a terrible person?

By  sajupt  |  17

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  japtch  |  15

Why do people always measure strength in balls? Balls are squishy and sensitive. Maybe he should grow a vagina, because vaginas take a pounding.